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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
66. Son Dambi – Red Candle
75. Swings – Bulldozer
84. Double K – Nom (feat. Jay Park)
95. SoulstaR – Last Snow With You
98. Ran – 내가 사랑한단 말이야 [I’m Saying I Love You]

Song Chart
88. TroubleMaker, G.NA, Ryu Hyun Jin – Smile Again
89. Bumkey, San E – 이별의 그늘 [Shades of break-up]
90. Park Sae Byul – 노래할게요 (Feat. Christian Kim) [I’ll Sing For You]
93. SG WannaBe, Brown Eyed Girls – Must Have Love
96. Kim Yeon Ji – 여자나이 서른쯤 [Woman’s age about 30]
97. Kim Bum Soo – Higher
100. IU – Crayon Pastels

Son Dambi’s Red Candle is good. I prefer this song over all the other cabaret songs that have been released lately. There’s just 2 main things : the way she says “Red Candle” kinda bothers me a bit, and the MV is a bit boring. Maybe if the MV was more like what we were used to from her, the song would do better on the chart from the start. We’ll have to wait and see.

Bulldozer is a classic hip-hop track. It’s just not doing it for me. I’m not a big hip-hop fan for starters. I do like some hip-hop now and then, but most of the time, it has to have something special for me to like it, like a great featuring or a really addictive beat that I’ve never heard before. This one has neither. And the MV is quite ordinary too.

Every time I see Jay Park’s name somewhere, I get really excited because I really like his music, most of the time. I’m part of those fan that wish he would do even less hip-hop stuff. I know, I’m not a “real fan” as some would say. So be it. This song is alright. I’m not loving it that much though because it’s just not my style. But it’s one of those hip-hop tracks that are more on the soft side, mainly because of the chorus. The overall feel to it is a bit slower too, so smoother. I feel the MV is a bit weird though.

Last Snow With You is, from the start, soooooo cheesy. I have a hard time standing it. I feel like it’s some bad 98° track… Really, I kinda hate it. It’s as bad as a winter song can be.

There’s a few song I don’t have the official romanized titles this time. 내가 사랑한단 말이야, from Ran, is a ballad with piano and guitar music on the background. At first, it’s fine, than the violon and this freaking ballad drum sound start. I hate ballad drums… It makes me feel like at some Pho restaurant and there’s synthesizer cover of 80 and 90 classics…

Smile Again is a donation project song from United Cube. And like most of them, it’s not that good, even though I can see the good intention are there.

Shades of Break-Up is… I don’t really know what it is. I didn’t find an official MV or a legit audio track for it. It’s mainly hip-hop with the R&B chorus sung by Bumkey and some reggae music in the back ground. It’s not really my kind of music, but I guess it’s alright.

Park Saebyul’s song is kinda boring, and the MV that comes with it too. I feel like it’s trying to hard to make me feel all sad about the fact that kids get music instruments or something. I don’t quite get it. But even if I did, it wouldn’t improve the song.

Must Have Love is an old song if I understood everything well. I kinda get why it came back on the chart, it’s a good Christmas song. I’m not really into the weird part of the movie or drama that are in the MV though. It kinda break the mood a lot. But if you’re searching for a good Kpop Christmas song next year, to add to your Christmas list, you should definitely check this one out.

여자나이 서른쯤 could have been good if it stuck to the basic music background with the piano and guitar, maybe some violins from time to time, it would have been ok. But there’s the drum sound that is trying to crawl up around the chorus. And then it’s there. It’s not really as intense as in most of ballad, so it’s bearable, but still, it kinda screwed it for me.

Weirdly, I kinda like Higher. It reminds me of another song, though I cannot quite put my finger on wich one. I like how it’s an empowering song. I like the voice of Kim Bum Soo too. I’m not totally in love with it though, I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s a bit sounding a bit too… old for me? Like those kind of song you’re mother or your aunt are listening. Or maybe it’s the synth sound in the background. Anyway, that said, you should definitely try it out since it’s still pretty decent.

Crayon Pastels is part of the epilogue they release for the “Modern Time” album. I’m not that much into it, since it plays the cabaret/tango card a bit too much.