What it’s all about

“K-Blend of Awesomeness” was, at first, a playlist name on 8tracks for playlist I uploaded every 2 months with Kpop and Kindie tracks that were realised during those months.

Since then, I’ve introduce some friends to Kpop and I thought that, maybe, I could do a website to talk about Korean music, why I like some tracks, MVs and artists while I hate or dislike others.

I don’t know yet how I’m going to do things around here, but already, I want to make youtube playlist to give a more “viewable” touch to my 8tracks playlist. But I also want to do much more than that. I want to explain myself : why I choose that track over another, why I didn’t include this super popular new single from this super popular band. I might do other stuff to like talking about certain band or artist, how I’ve discover them and what songs I like about them, which member I like the most and why… I might even try to do some vlogging once in a while, if I get aroung my camera shyness.

I got to warn you though : I’ll give my impression on everything with no filter. So yes, I might not like the same stuff as you, and even though I’m a fan of this or that band, it so happens that sometimes, I really hate some of their songs. I won’t hide from that. This website is also a place for me to be free from the fan that do not allow anyone to say anything bad about their idols. I get you it’s hard sometimes, but I feel like everyone is entitled to their taste and opinion. That’s one of the very few things I really hate about Kpop communities, the way Kpop lover/fan are so close to any kind of criticism, any kind of opinion that isn’t blind love for anything Kpop idols do (and I feel like that even includes farts sometimes…)

And, I also want to do this in both English (here) and French.


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