Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 3 of August 2016 (15-21)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
14. EXO – Lotto
70. EXO – She’s Dreaming
73. Gray – Summer Night (Remix) (feat. Hoody)
79. Geeks – Divin’
90. EXO – Can’t Bring Me Down
98. Kim Yeonji – Miss Miss and Miss
100. Hanhae – Eyescream (feat. Jeong Eun Ji)

Song Chart
83. I.B.I – Molae Molae
90. WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – Secret
91. Yoon Mi Rae, Gye Mina – Black Happiness
94. Sleepy – So What (narr. Lee Guk Ju)
96. EXO – Monter (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix)
99. VIXX – Love Me Do

Again, not really into the choice of main title for EXO latest release. Lotto is really not doing it for me, at all. She’s Dreaming is kinda good though.

I’m really into Summer Night. It’s just groovy enough, yet it has this little light touch to it, making it a good song for enjoying some king of snacks while the sun is almost set in a hot… summer night. Yet it’s the kind of song that could also be easily played at a party. It’s just a whole bunch of fun.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of August 2016 (08-14)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
01. Blackpink – Whistle
06. C Jamm, BeWhy – Puzzle
08. I.O.I – Whatta Man (Good Man)
18. Blackpink – BoomBaYah

Song Chart
80. Jay Park, Kirin – City Breeze
82. BTOB – I Want a Vacation
85. VIXX – Fantasy
86. Zia – I Know Myself Well

I really like Whatta Man. After the lukewarm feelings I had about last week’s songs, I’m really happy to stumble upon this one. Also because I.O.I doesn’t always make me jump off my seat, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a really “normal” song though, it’s not really trying to be different. It’s following the recipe very well, and that’s fine! But I’m a little bummed out about Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina not being part of it anymore. Their look gave a specific flavor to the visual of this group and Sejeong’s voice pulled the sound towards softer tones now and then. Now, it’s a lot more in your face all the time. Or maybe it’s just the song, who knows. But anyway, still a very good song overall.

Blackpink songs are for dancing in clubs and I’m like… Ok. Too harsh sounding for me.

Fantasy, to me, is a step back into the right direction. VIXX was one of my favorite band when I discovered Kpop. But lately, they’ve been doing songs I’m absolutely not into. I used to love their darker themed stuff and the upbeat songs that came with it. No aegyo, no ballads (or not much), stuff you would be thrilled about, excited and it would fill you up with some kind of powerful sentiment. It’s not quite back yet, and even though I’m not that into this song, I really hope they continue going down that road.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of August 2016 (01-07)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
02. Standing Egg – Summer Night You And I
18. Hyuna – How’s this?
36. Girls’ Generation – Sailing (0805)
57. Superbee – My Name is Superbee
75. Kim Bum Soo – I Love You OST
76. Oh My Girl – Listen To My Word (A-ing) (feat. Skull, Haha)
82. Park Bo Ram – Please say something, even though it is a lie OST
96. Hwanhee – Love Hurts OST

Song Chart
79. Unpretty Rapstar 3 – She’s Coming (prod. by Primary)
81. Yuk Ji Dam – BamBamHae (feat. Gill, Mad Clown, 길조카들/prod. by Gill)
84. JUN.K – Don’t Go (feat. Baek A Yeon)
90. Kim Yeonji – We Are Breaking Up
99. 9MUSES A – Lip 2 Lip

I’m not sure I really like Hyuna all that much. Maybe the few solo songs and collabs I love from her are the one that are a little out of her comfort zone and not exactly her style. But I’m not into her latest one.

I would say Don’t Go is good. It’s not exactly my style, but it’s a nice ballad, not too deeply sad, but not too bouncy either.

I like Lip 2 Lip. It’s not the best 9MUSES song there is out there. But it’s catchy enough and I enjoy it. The MV is not their best work either. All in all, it’s something I’ll probably forget in a few weeks and won’t come back to it ever, but it’s great for the time being.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – July 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
2. f(x) – All Mine
3. Gil Gun – Not A Chance
4. Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Loco)
5. Heize – And July (feat. DEAN, DJ Friz)
6. Neon Bunny – Room 314 (feat. Mark Redito)
7. Kwon Jinah, Sam Kim – For Now
8. Choi Young Min – Summer Dawn

I had so much trouble getting at least 8 songs for this month. I wonder if it’s because the song market is over saturated with everything Show Me The Money puts out there.

Anyway, Not A Chance is fun even though the MV is maybe a little bit on the… I don’t even know how to qualify it exactly. It just sends me a weird vibe somehow. However, definitely like the song a lot.

Neon Bunny is a music goddess so I guess that’s all I need to say. Not the best out of the album, but still really nice.

I don’t usually go for instrumental stuff, but Summer Dawn is a nice calm piece of music and I think it deserves more attention.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 3 of July 2016 (18-24)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
23. HuhGak, Jeong EunJi – Ocean.wav
37. Heize – And July (feat. Dean, Dj Friz)
52. Dok2 – Beverly 1lls (Remix) (feat. The Quiett)
77. Kwon Jinah, Sam Kim – For Now
83. f(x) – All Mine
84. Dynamic Duo, Primary, Boi B, Crush – highfiVe
98. Wendy, Seulgi – Don’t Push Me OST

Song Chart
83. Acourve – The Day
84. Kim Tae Woo – Cool (feat. Ali)
86. C Jamm – MM
97. Bomi, Namjoo, (Apink), Chae Yeon, LE (EXID), Seo In Young, Lee Suk Hoon, Taewoon, Yang Da Il, Brother Su, Chancellor, Kang Min Hee (Miss $) – Summer11

All Mine is really light and fun and it’s a welcome change from a few comeback song f(x) gave us in the last years. It a little more silly, less serious, yet still very enjoyable. I like it.

I really like And July for the vocal abilities of both singers, even though it’s not as exciting as Shut Up and Groove.

I really like Sam Kim. For Now is nice, the only thing I don’t like much in it is the pauses the put throughout the song. It kinda breaks the vibe… But still a really nice ballad.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of July 2016 (11-17)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
26. Superbee – Shark in a Pool (feat. Black Nut)
80. Lyn – Only Yours (feat. Soulman)
85. John Park – Thought of You
86. Junggigo – Only You OST
88. Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Loco)
91. Hyorin – I Miss You OST
93. BeWhy, Simon Dominic – XamBaqJa (prod. by BewhY)
96. Xitsuh – And (feat. Suran)
98. Solar (Mamamoo) – In My Dreams
99. Flowsik, Hash Swan, Boi B, Woo Tae Woon, G2 – Dokkaebi
100. Jay Park, Ugly Duck – Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party

Song Chart
81. BeWhy – Fake pt.2 (prod. by BeWhy)
90. The Quiett, Dok2, SuperBee – Air DoTheQ part 2
91. GB9 – Just I Like You (feat. NiiHWA)
92. C Jamm – Let It Be (feat. Crush)
94. GFriend – Fall In Love
96. INFINITE – That Summer (The Second Story)

Eric Nam brings back is fun side and I quite like it. I prefer this sort of sound for him, and I really like his collaboration with Loco too.

Really like Suran’s part in And, but the song as a whole is so-so.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of July 2016 (04-10)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
01. Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
11. B2ST – Ribbon
15. BeWhy – Day Day (feat. Jay Park/prod. by Gray)
41. C Jamm – Beautiful (feat. Zico)
42. #gun – Crazy Guy (feat. Jessi)
51. Sonnet Son – Without You (feat. Andup)
66. Park Yong In, Kwon Soon Il (Urban Zakapa) – No way OST
68. Seventeen – Very Nice
73. JungYup – It’s Love
75. Flowsik, The Quiett, Dok2 – RAPSTAR (remix)
78. Kisum, Seul Ong – Finding Differences OST
82. Wonder Girls – To The Beautiful You
86. Kim NaYoung – Say Goodbye OST
87. Younha – Sunflower OST
90. Juniel – Pisces
91. Reddy – Like This (feat. Bobby)
93. Wonder Girls – Sweet & Easy
96. GFriend – Navillera
97. B2ST – Highlight
99. B2ST – When I…
100. Taeyeon – The Blue Night of Jeju Island

Song Chart
87. B2ST – Practice
89. B2ST – Curious
91. B2ST – With Me (Yoseob Solo)
93. Superbee – Sun Block (feat. Microdot)
98. B2ST – Good Night
99. Skull&Haha – Don’t Laugh (feat. MC Minji)

I like the groovy reggae feel of Why So Lonely. It’s really different from what the group usually does. It’s also perfect for a nice summer afternoon or evening.

I can understand why Day Day is considered highly. It’s nice and fun. But it’s not exactly my style. That said, I’ll pay closer attention now when BeWhy is featured in a song or is in the newbies each week.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – June 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Sistar – I Like That
2. U-Kiss – Stalker
3. Heize – Shup Up And Groove (feat. DEAN)
4. BoA, Beenzino – No Matter What
5. Luna – Free Somebody
6. Taeyeon – Why
7. One – Comfortable (feat. Simon Dominic, Gray)
8. Rose – Coffee (Remastered)
9. Vincent – Thinking About You
10. Zion.T – Knock
11. Park Ji Yoon – O

I wasn’t sure about Stalker, but the chorus stock with me a lot.

I almost talked about every single song in this list, so I won’t talk about it much. But I urge you to go listen to Thinking About You. It’s just really deep and beautiful. It resonates with me a lot too.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 5 of June 2016 (27jun-03jul)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
02. Zion.T – Knock
08. Unnies – Shut Up (feat. Yoo Hee Yeol)
12. Kush, Zion.T – Machine Gun (feat. Song Minho)
16. BewhY – Forever (prod. by Gray)
19. Taeyeon – Why
40. B Boi – Horangnabi (feat. Gill, Rhythm Power)
41. Suzy – Ring My Bell OST
43. C Jamm, Reddy – Wanted
68. Zion.T, Seo Chul Goo – Drummer (feat. Olltii)
93. Iron – System
95. Gugudan – Wonderland

Song Chart
88. Jung JoonYoung – Sympathy (feat. Seo Young Eun)
89. Superbee, myunDo – Beverly 1lls’
91. Flowsik, The Quiett, Dok2 – RAPSTAR (remix)

Knock is just great. It’s pure Zion.T. I wasn’t sure about him being on Show Me To Money because I thought he wouldn’t showcase his ability has much since it’s more about mentoring and sometimes doing some featuring here and there. And SMTM is a little more harsh hip hop than what I really like from him. But he still does it well. Knock is more on the softer lyrical side tho, and it’s not putting on blast anyone either. So I really like it. It’s not as soft as Eat, for example, but reminds me of his first full album, the vibe of the tracks that didn’t have MVs (most of them). Drummer is not as great, not nearly as great, but it’s still enjoyable a little, mostly because of his being in it.

Taeyeon’s Why is nice. It’s not vocally incredible, but the music is fun yet mellow and the song as a whole is just really smooth. A nice summer song, kinda relaxing, but not exactly to stay still and have a nap. More to slowly groove in the sunlight and dance with the wind.