Major changes because I can’t keep up

Ok, maybe not that major, but still.

So I’m in the middle of my last week off until the end of the summer (that hasn’t even started yet). And yesterday, I just finished listening to 400 songs in my “watch later list”. Yes, 400. I had a rough end of the semester, that started around the mid-terms area. And I met a guy, that lives about 600km away. And next semester is the internship, and I’m going to try to work full-time at the same time -_-

The thing is, I still want to do this. I’m still invest in discovering new music and listen to Korean music and talk about it and share my thoughts and hopefully, make you discover great things too.

BUT : working on charts stuff is REALLY long. Like really. I have to go see the chart, find the video (sometimes there is none so I need to search harder), translate the artist and song name (sometimes it’s hard to find the English version as well), copy everything in order, had the arrows and the amount of rank a song as gain or lost, and so on. I use to have fun doing that and see how things evolve and how Koreans perceived the music they produce, how some songs that are really popular here are not so much over there, and vice versa. I’m still mildly interested about it, but with Instiz and Melon and the way things work now, I don’t think that is so necessary anymore. At least with Instiz, when you go check the chart, you can easily watch the video by simply clicking on it. Also, there’s many people on Youtube and on Tumblr doing stuff about that.

My “flavor” here is the K-Blend stuff. That will stay no matter what, for sure. I’ve been also kinda late with those since this chunk of 2015 is missing and all that. But the playlist exist, they are just not complete because I know I’m missing stuff. I intend to work hard to bring those in a more steady pace and bring the ones that are not completed yet ASAP.

What I still want to do with the chart, and what I was kind already doing in a way, is the newbies. I want to talk about the newbies, bad and great – or just valuable interesting pieces -, and I think it’s the best way to stay put on stuff you might not be privy about for whatever reason. So I’ll drop Instiz chart, but, one thing I’ll do is link the chart of the week on top of the post so that people who are still interested to see how ranking evolve and stuff can go there easily. I might even talk about AllKill and PerfectKill when it happens (not sure yet). But anyone interested in that can follow any K-pop news feed to know about it. I’ll do Melon newbies, since to me, with their various chart system, it’s the best way to hear about new songs. I won’t do cross-newbies (one that was in Song Chart that is new in the Total Chart the week after) and I won’t do old newbies, except if I feel like it’s relevant or if I have a good reason. I’ll still do playlist of those, and that’s it.

That way, I think I’ll be able to keep up more. Also, it might give me some time to do more stuff, like the other categories of post I use to do, even maybe album reviews now and then or just work on other project I’ve been putting on hold a lot because to me, this was always a priority over other things that I still love and miss doing.

So, voilà! I’m sorry if some people are not pleased with this (if there’s still people following -_-) but my life is changing and I cannot keep up. That said, I think it’s for the best because now, I’ll be able to bring more unknown and less popular stuff to the attention of people who seeks good Korean music :)

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of April 2016 (11 – 17)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
06. XIA – How Can I Love You OST
44. Taeyeon – The Blue Night of Jeju Island
47. Block B – Walkin’ In The Rain
59. J.Y.Park – Still Alive
60. Ha Hyeon Woo (Guckkasten) – Hayoga
62. Block B – It’s Was Love (Song by Taeil)
70. U Sung Eun – Jealousy (Duet with Kisum)
88. Heize – Don’t Come Back (feat. Yong Junhyung of B2ST)
94. Sam Kim – No Sense (feat. Crush)

Song Chart
82. Jin Won – Confession of Love
88. JeA – Bad Girls (feat. Jung Yup)
89. Park Boram – The Name (Live Ver.)
90. Jeong Eun Ji – Hopefully Sky (feat. Ha Rim)
92. Sleepy – Body Lotion (feat. Bang Yong Guk/prod. by Giriboy)
99. Block B – Bingle Bingle (Song By B-BOMB, U-KWON)

Still Alive has a good MV where JYP makes fun of himself while going back in time through his album and style. The song is fun, but at the same time, there’s nothing keeping me to skip it.

Heize is making her mark this year. I’m not into what has been in the chart so far, but I think it’s just a matter of time.

No Sense is really light and happy. It has this folk and soul vibe. I think they could have use Crush more, and showcase his voice too, but I guess they wanted to put the focus on Sam Kim’s voice.

I was not expecting much from Body Lotion, but it’s really catchy as hell so I got caught right away. It’s really more pop than hip hop, the chorus is almost bubbly. The only thing that keeps it more to the hip hop side is the featuring. Sleepy even sings when he does his rap so maybe that’s why.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of April 2016 (04 – 10)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
08. Loco – You Too (feat. Cha Cha Malone)
26. Vibe, Chen (EXO), Heize – Lil’ Something
36. Mamamoo – Woohoo
37. I.O.I – Crush
38. M.C THE MAX – Wind Beneath Your Wings OST
58. CNBLUE – You’re So Fine
89. 2BiC – Yours Mine
96. Lee Seung Cheol – Diary
97. Bernard Park, Hye Rim (Wonder Girls) – With You
98. Acoustic Collabo – Please

Song Chart
86. Block B – Toy

Lil’ Something is not bad, but I feel like it lacks a little something to really stand out.

I wasn’t sure at first about Woohoo because it’s basically a song requested by a brand for selling their product. But I kinda enjoy it quite a lot. It’s not the best Mamamoo you can find, but it’s light and fun, just enough to start and think about next summer.

As I said before, I’ve watched Produce 101. I’m overall ok with the people who were chosen to debut (except maybe 2 of them). The song (Crush) is really good. It sounds a lot like a mix of the songs they did for the concept week, upbeat, pop-ish with a small hint of EDM. The only thing I’m kinda not happy about is the MV. I was looking forward to something really more polished with a proper dance, but they had to go with a half-assed recording of the recording and just putting the girls in a room with a camera, probably telling them to act cute, girly and goofy. They do dance a little, but it’s really not much and it’s made to look like it’s casual and stuff, so it’s kinda boring and no one is really hitting the moves at all.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – March 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. Echae en Route – Night Drive
2. Jay Park – The Truth Is
3. NiiHWA – Say Yes (feat. As One)
4. Owen Ovadoz – City
5. Hualyeogangsan – Don’t Matter
6. Miss $ – Don’t Speak Without Soul
7. Pinkrush – Figertips
8. Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
9. Jun Hyo Seong – Find Me (feat. D.Action)
10. Fiestar – Mirror
11. Girls on Top – In The Same Place
12. Macaroon Honey Dduk – Yum-Yum
13. Make Some Noise – 24Hours
14. 1% (9999, HWA.B) – Waaave
15. Leasti – 현관등 (feat. ESBEE)

I didn’t do a “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread” post about this one but I should have. Night Drive is really impressive. I’m going to pay really close attention to anything Echae en Route does from now on because this song is everything.

I have been growing fonder of Don’t Matter over the past few days.

And I’m really really into Jun Hyo Seong’s comeback. I usually have a little trouble with her softer song, even when the chorus kicks it up a little, but this one is all good somehow. I think the chorus as a lot to do with it because I totally enjoy its catchiness.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 5 of March 2016 (28mar – 03apr)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
10. 10cm – What The Spring??
37. BTOB – Remember That
41. SG Wannabe – By My Side OST
94. Kim Feel – If You Love Again OST
97. Black Nut – ₩80,000 (2015. 3.)
98. Homme – Just Come To Me

Song Chart
85. Yang Dail – Loveagain (feat. Solar of Mamamoo)
90. Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
95. Navi – Changed
96. BTOB – Killing Me
99. DΞΔN – 21
100. Jun Hyo Seong – Find Me (feat. D.Action)

Ok so, What The Spring?? might not be the best song there is. But after a few times, I started to enjoy it. Also got stuck in my head now and then. And I’m really happy that there’s at least another spring celebrating song other than the one from Busker Busker or the collab between HIGH4 and IU.

I don’t know if it’s because I heard it so much and that the chorus is catchy AF, but I starting to really like Liar Liar. It makes me think of Red Velvet when they have fun concept.

Jun Hyo Seong doesn’t make outstanding song, but every song she releases, or at least one of the two when there’s more than one, always had a really really catchy bridge and chorus. The MV lacks a story, but it’s still fun to watch and the dance and costumes are nice.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 4 of March 2016 (21 – 27)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
08. Jang Beom June – Fallen in Love Only With You
19. Jang Beom June – To The Rain
33. Jang Beom June – Spring Rain
34. Jay Park – The Truth Is
43. Jang Beom June – She Smiles
44. Jang Beom June – Falling in Love Immediately
47. Jang Beom June – I Should Leave You
48. Lyn – With You OST
62. Jang Beom June – To Hongdae
74. Jang Beom June – Teasing Girl
81. Make Some Noise – 24Hours
88. Eric Nam – Good For You
90. DΞΔN – D (half moon) (feat. Gaeko)
92. Jang Beom June – A New Song Called Lullaby
96. Jang Beom June – Kiss
99. Jang Beom June – Cute Girl

Song Chart
85. Jang Beom June – I’m Erasing The Night
86. Jang Beom June – Cigarette
90. Jang Beom June – Ulala
94. Block B – A Few Years Later
95. Oh My Girl – One Step, Two Steps
95. GOT7 – Fly

I couldn’t care less about Jang Beom June music.

But as I said last week, I love 24Hours and to me, it deserves way more praise than what it got on the show.

I also like The Truth Is, where we get back to a much softer, less horny Jay Park. I like it horny sometimes, but it hurts my principles most of the time because then the MV is full of objectified women and I’m not really ok with that (I’m not even talking about how the lyrics are objectifying all over the place, but that’s also part of why I’m always so-so on those song of his). This one is more like Star, which was the first song that really got me into him and his music, so that makes me really happy that I can find back my original Jay Park.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 3 of March 2016 (14 – 20)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
09. Mad Clown, Kim Na Young – Once Again OST
16. K.will – Talk Love OST
32. Jang Beom June – Without You by My Side
33. Standing Egg – Rainbow (feat. Yun Dak of O Broject)
35. Ha Hyeon Woo (Guckkasten) – Don’t Cry
36. Red Velvet – One Of These Nights
60. Giriboy – It’s Pretty
67. Girls On Top – In the Same Place
79. Hanhae – I Used To
89. Jessi – Excessive Love
95. Macaroon Honey Dduk – Yum Yum

Song Chart
89. Pinkrush – Fingertips
92. Red Velvet – Cool Hot Sweet Love
97. Hualyeogangsan – Don’t Matter

First, I’m astonished that 24Hours is not in there at all because I actually like it a lot. But as I said before, I watch Produce101. I really like all the song, but if I had to put them from the one I love most to the one I love least, I think that Fingertips would be way on top, then 24Hours, then In The Same Place, then Don’t Matter and finally Yum Yum. Sure, the performance of Don’t Matter is not as fun or intense as the one for Yum Yum, but Yum Yum is not that great of a song, at least I don’t like it that much. That said, I’m not angry at the win for In The Same Place. The editing of the show makes it so that you can feel all the weight and the emotion behind it, so the performance actually make me cry too.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of March 2016 (07 – 13)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
03. Lee Hi – Breath
07. Gummy – You Are My Everything OST
16. Lee Hi – Hold My Hand
30. Seo In Guk – Seasons of the Heart
34. Lee Hi – World Tour (feat. Mino of WINNER)
53. Lee Hi – Fxxk Wit Us (feat. Dok2)
58. Yoona (Girls’ Generation) – Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway (feat. 10cm)
63. Yuju (GFriend), Sunyoul (UP10TION) – Cherish
66. Lee Hi – Official (feat. Incredivle)
71. Louie (Geeks) – Shadow (feat. Kwon Soonil of Urban Zakapa)
78. Loco, Yuju (GFriend) – Spring Is Gone By Chance
92. Im Se Jun, Ben – Don’t Go Today (Duet Ver.)
99. Ra.D – I Want You

Song Chart
83. Kyuhyun – Love The Person
86. Miss $ – Don’t Speak Without Soul
88. Yang Yoseob (B2ST), The Richard Parkers – Story (feat. Noblesse)

I’m kinda disappointed in Lee Hi’s comeback, even though apparently Tablo did some lyrics or other stuff to produce the album. Nothing is catchy enough. In fact, the 2 songs with MV are not that interesting at all and I would much rather have others song of the album as MV material.

This newbie set is not that exciting. I like Don’t Speak Without Soul, even though it’s not the best Miss $ song I’ve heard in the last few years. But it’s better than most of the stuff that has been released in the last few weeks.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of March 2016 (29feb – 06mar)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
08. Davichi – This Love OST
09. Jimin (AOA) – Call You Bae (feat. Xiumin of EXO)
20. Baek Ji Young, Cheetah – Can You Feel Me
30. Eric Nam, Wendy – Spring Love
82. SoljiHani (EXID) – Only One
95. Mamamoo – Friday Night (feat. Junggigo)
97. Lee Seung Gi – Meet Someone Like Me

Song Chart
87. V.O.S – Stay Together
98. Mamamoo – Words Don’t Come Easy
100. An Ye Eun – Mr. Mystery

I’m not really excited by any of these songs. I would say that Spring Love is probably the best out of these, though not sure I like it enough to listen to it more than a few times.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – February 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. Sonnet Son – MS. BURGUNDY
2. Mamamoo – You’re The Best
3. Kim Jae Joong – Love You More
4. Beatfihter – Feel It (feat. Taeik)
5. UV – Oh Yes (feat. Lee Sang Min)
6. The Koxx – By The Way
7. Brave Girls – Deepened
8. AOA Cream – I’m Jelly Baby
9. Theories of Youth – Joeun Day (feat. Rhyme-A-)
10. Mad Clown, Brother Su – Like Romance Comics
11. KIXS – Please Come Back
12. Esbee – I Just Wanna Sing (feat. Hanhae)
13. Minje – Do
14. Neon Bunny – Forest of Skyscrapers
15. et aliae – Sober (feat. D∆WN)

The more I listen to MS. BURGUNDY, the more I fall in love with it. It has this rare quality where you can both groove to it so hard, yet use it as torture if you feel sad and need to cry your eyes out.

You’re The Best doesn’t have this quality, but I really love it more and more too. I cannot control my body when it comes up, I need to shake it and dance my ass off.

I a little trouble with the playlist because of Love You More who is really intense and doesn’t really fit with anything this month, but it’s a really good song so it’s up there with the few first ones. Sorry if it breaks a little the whole thing, anywhere I tried to put it, it did the same.

I know some people might not be that much into Oh Yes, but frankly I don’t care. It’s freakin hilarious and I love the retro vibe of UV. There’s just so funny.

I know I’ve put Minje, Neon Bunny and et aliae really down there, but don’t think it’s because I don’t like the songs as much. The thing is the are the slowest one of the bunch, so they only fitted around that spot. In fact, no, et aliae isn’t that slow, but since it’s unclear where she’s from, I felt it was right to put her at the bottom because might not be actual Korean music.


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