Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of June 2016 (30may-05jun)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
24. Kisum – 2 Beer
25. Beenzino – End of Saturday (feat. Blacknut/prod. Peejay)
30. Jung Seung Hwan – If It Is You OST
37. EXID – L.I.E
56. Heize – Shut Up & Groove (feat. DΞΔN)
74. Beenzino – Time Travel
86. Giriboy – I’m In Trouble (feat. Loco)
93. Lyn – Want To Be Free
100. XIA – Rock The World (feat. The Quiett, Automatic)

Song Chart
84. Beenzino – Getting Wet
91. EXID – Will You Take Me?
92. Fiestar – Apple Pie
93. Luna – Free Somebody

One day I’m at work and I have this few words in my head “shut up and groove” with the melody behind it. And I’m like what is that song?! I must have heard it at some point while listening to my never-ending list of stuff to listen to later and it stuck in my head so damn much. I’ve been listening, shutting up and grooving my ass to it ever since.

I kinda like Free Somebody too. It has a 90 or early 2000 pop vibe to it and a dance or EDM light twist to it. It’s not the greatest song there is, but it’s kinda refreshing after what the chart gave us during May.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – May 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Save ME
2. Akdong Musician – Re-Bye
3. Akdong Musician – How People Move
4. R3hab, Amber, Luna – Wave
5. Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
6. UP10TION – Attention
7. Chancellor – Rodeo (feat. Paloalto)
8. Crush – Woo Ah
9. Han All – Song For You
10. The Stray – You, You
11. Saltnpaper – Goodbye (aka Island)

Briefly, Goodbye and Island is the same song. The difference is that Island has more English part in it. I have the more English friendly one in the YouTube playlist and the more Korean friendly one in the 8tracks playlist. In any case, this song reminds me a lot of Damien Rice style.

There’s also another small change between the 2 playlist. The 8 track one has You, You, the original version as recorded on the single. The YouTube playlist has the live piano ver., which is a little smoother, mostly around the “climax” area where there would be a little bit more background music to support the intensity. The difference is still really minor and both version are great.

Attention is a nice boy’s band song that a lot of other (even more established ones) should learn from : quality of the music, of the melody comes first. It’s still kinda like other people would do, but it’s doing it great so that’s why I keep having this song stuck in my head.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 4 of May 2016 (23-29)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
01. Baek A Yeon – So-So
03. Urban Zakapa – I Don’t Love You
06. Park Kyung (Block B) – Inferiority Complex (feat. Eunha of GFriend)
39. Roy Kim – Maybe I OST
54. Jonghyun – She Is
71. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – One Million Roses
89. Gil – Refrigerator (feat. Lee Hi, Verbal Jint)
93. Urban Zakapa – Always Wonder
99. Urban Zakapa – I Like It All
100. Chen, Chanyeol – If We Love Again

Song Chart
81. Urban Zakapa – If You Still Love Me
85. Baek A Yeon – Something To Say
90. Urban Zakapa – Nearness Is To Love
92. iKON – #WYD
93. Jonghyun – White T-Shirt
94. Oh My Girl – Windy Day

Nope! Even the One Million Roses cover is not that great.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 3 of May 2016 (16-22)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
05. AOA – Good Luck
11. MC Gree – Nineteen
12. Jessica – Fly (feat. Fabolous)
34. Dok2 – 1llusion
39. XIA – ..Is You
48. Seo Hyun Jin, Yu Seungwoo – What Is Love OST
92. Giriboy – All Day (feat. DJ SQ, Han Yo Han)

Song Chart
92. Beenzino – Life In Color
95. Parc Jae Jung – Two Men (duet with Kyuhyun)

Nothing much to say this week either. This month, except for the first week, is kinda dull.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of May 2016 (09-15)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
29. Baekhyun, K.Will – The Day
30. Nam WooHyun – Still I remember
36. Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance
38. San E – Like An Airplane (feat. Gary)
50. Ben – Like A Dream OST
53. Jung Jun Il – Hug Me
64. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Waiting Everyday
71. Kwak Jin Eon – Go With Me
74. Gaeko – Send Me Your Pictures
96. G.Soul – Far, far away

Song Chart
89. Zia – Farewell Ridden
93. Gummy – I’m Sorry I’m Not Cool (UV cover)
95. Nam WooHyun – Passerby

Good God I’m bored. Gaeko’s song is alright.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of May 2016 (02-08)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
02. Akdong Musician – Re-Bye
06. Akdong Musician – How People Move
11. Akdong Musician – Haughty Girl
18. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Fire
21. Akdong Musician – Green Window
23. Crush – Woo Ah
25. I.O.I – Dream Girls
27. Akdong Musician – Every Little Thing
33. Akdong Musician – Around
60. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Save ME
63. I.O.I – When The Cherry Blossoms Fade
86. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – EPILOGUE : Young Forever
89. I.O.I – Knock, Knock, Knock
90. Crush – 9 to 5 (feat. Gaeko)

Song Chart
85. I.O.I – Doo Wap
91. Gavy NJ, 6 to 8 – 우리 사이
95. Crush – In The Air

So AKMU came back. I’m not super excited about the new songs, but they are fun enough (it’s AKMU after all). I would say I’m totally agreeing with putting Re-Bye on top of the others because to me it’s the most enjoyable. It might like a certain punch that AKMU main songs usually have, but I still like it nonetheless. The MV is quite fun too and really pretty. I wasn’t sure about How People Move for a while. It’s still fun too, but it lacks a little more personality than Re-Bye I feel like. But I came around and enjoy it now. Green Window is worth listening to. In fact, I think it would have been maybe a better idea to use it as one of the main title over How People Move.

Not the best Crush song either, but it’s still pretty nice and smooth. A good song for either spending a rainy day inside and just feeling like putting some nice r&b in the background or even for having sexy time to. In The Air is nice too, but it’s so short that you feel like you sorta got nothing out of it, then that dude comes and talk for a while.

Without the MV, Dream Girls is a little boring.

Save ME is softer than what we usually get from BTS, meaning a little more upbeat and a little more harsh kinda. But it’s really really good. And even though the MV is not a high concept or anything, the scenery and the dance make up for it completely (the lip sync tho, not on point for all of them). I love this song.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – April 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. DJ Tak – Brandnewtype (Tak Mashup)
2. Twice – Cheer Up
3. Mamamoo – Woohoo
4. UP10TION – Attention
5. I.O.I – Crush
6. Mintty (Tiny-G) – Already Go Lady
7. Sleepy – Body Lotion (feat. Bang Yong Guk/prod. Giriboy)
8. Sam Kim – No Sense (feat. Crush)
9. 10cm – What The Spring??
10. Joe Won Sun, Jinsil (Life&Time) – Mismatch
11. Babylon – Between Us (feat. Dok2)
12. TK – One More Night
13. NiiHWA – Gravity
14. Melten – Don’t Leave Me
15. Choi Young Min – Paris

I really like the end of the list. It’s more smooth than the start of it, and maybe it’s because it’s late right now, but I’m more in the mood for this kind of music over pop stuff. I even have a great piano piece at the very end. If you like soft instrumental, definitely give it a try.

There’s even a pure ballad for crying out loud.

I feel like I said most of the stuff I would say in previous weekly chart. I like where Mintty is going since Tiny-G is almost death. I hope we get more of her solo act soon. She was my favorite of the group after all.

Forgoties #1: Jinsil, Tablo – Dododo

So, since it’s not too long ago, I’m going to put this song in last month K-Blend (both YT and 8tracks)

It seems there was still a label or entertainment company I wasn’t subscribe too on YT or that the song didn’t do so well on the chart (YYYY?!?). I do remember hearing a teaser of this and being excited AF. But probably that the place I saw it at didn’t have the rights to publish it on their channel. So here it is. Listen to it. If you need a good reasons, I got 2 for you : fuckin Jinsil and fuckin Tablo.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 4 of April 2016 (25apr – 01may)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
07. Eddy Kim – My Lips Like Warm Coffee (feat. Lee Sung Kyung)
44. Lovelyz – Destiny
45. Seventeen – Pretty U
68. Yong Junhyung – After This Moment (feat. DAVII)
73. Hong Dae Kwang – When in Hongdae
83. Monday Kiz – Your Voice
94. Mighty Mouth – Nice 2 Meet U (prod. by Zico/feat. Soya)
95. Gary – Tantara (feat. Miwoo) OST
96. Yang Dail – She Didn’t Love Me

Song Chart
87. Verbal Jint, Yang Dail – Read My Mind
88. Babylon – Between Us (feat. Dok2)
92. San E, Chancellor – Dish (prod. by XEPY)
97. DΞΔN – what2do (feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat)

I feel like I’m having a hard time liking stuff I would usually. In all the stuff that is new this week, I’m kinda feeling only Between Us. It has this R&B soft vibe, a little like what Crush does sometimes. And I don’t have much else to say about it because it’s not really more than that. I feel jaded AF.

Major changes because I can’t keep up

Ok, maybe not that major, but still.

So I’m in the middle of my last week off until the end of the summer (that hasn’t even started yet). And yesterday, I just finished listening to 400 songs in my “watch later list”. Yes, 400. I had a rough end of the semester, that started around the mid-terms area. And I met a guy, that lives about 600km away. And next semester is the internship, and I’m going to try to work full-time at the same time -_-

The thing is, I still want to do this. I’m still invest in discovering new music and listen to Korean music and talk about it and share my thoughts and hopefully, make you discover great things too.

BUT : working on charts stuff is REALLY long. Like really. I have to go see the chart, find the video (sometimes there is none so I need to search harder), translate the artist and song name (sometimes it’s hard to find the English version as well), copy everything in order, had the arrows and the amount of rank a song as gain or lost, and so on. I use to have fun doing that and see how things evolve and how Koreans perceived the music they produce, how some songs that are really popular here are not so much over there, and vice versa. I’m still mildly interested about it, but with Instiz and Melon and the way things work now, I don’t think that is so necessary anymore. At least with Instiz, when you go check the chart, you can easily watch the video by simply clicking on it. Also, there’s many people on Youtube and on Tumblr doing stuff about that.

My “flavor” here is the K-Blend stuff. That will stay no matter what, for sure. I’ve been also kinda late with those since this chunk of 2015 is missing and all that. But the playlist exist, they are just not complete because I know I’m missing stuff. I intend to work hard to bring those in a more steady pace and bring the ones that are not completed yet ASAP.

What I still want to do with the chart, and what I was kind already doing in a way, is the newbies. I want to talk about the newbies, bad and great – or just valuable interesting pieces -, and I think it’s the best way to stay put on stuff you might not be privy about for whatever reason. So I’ll drop Instiz chart, but, one thing I’ll do is link the chart of the week on top of the post so that people who are still interested to see how ranking evolve and stuff can go there easily. I might even talk about AllKill and PerfectKill when it happens (not sure yet). But anyone interested in that can follow any K-pop news feed to know about it. I’ll do Melon newbies, since to me, with their various chart system, it’s the best way to hear about new songs. I won’t do cross-newbies (one that was in Song Chart that is new in the Total Chart the week after) and I won’t do old newbies, except if I feel like it’s relevant or if I have a good reason. I’ll still do playlist of those, and that’s it.

That way, I think I’ll be able to keep up more. Also, it might give me some time to do more stuff, like the other categories of post I use to do, even maybe album reviews now and then or just work on other project I’ve been putting on hold a lot because to me, this was always a priority over other things that I still love and miss doing.

So, voilà! I’m sorry if some people are not pleased with this (if there’s still people following -_-) but my life is changing and I cannot keep up. That said, I think it’s for the best because now, I’ll be able to bring more unknown and less popular stuff to the attention of people who seeks good Korean music :)