Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of July 2016 (11-17)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
26. Superbee – Shark in a Pool (feat. Black Nut)
80. Lyn – Only Yours (feat. Soulman)
85. John Park – Thought of You
86. Junggigo – Only You OST
88. Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Loco)
91. Hyorin – I Miss You OST
93. BeWhy, Simon Dominic – XamBaqJa (prod. by BewhY)
96. Xitsuh – And (feat. Suran)
98. Solar (Mamamoo) – In My Dreams
99. Flowsik, Hash Swan, Boi B, Woo Tae Woon, G2 – Dokkaebi
100. Jay Park, Ugly Duck – Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party

Song Chart
81. BeWhy – Fake pt.2 (prod. by BeWhy)
90. The Quiett, Dok2, SuperBee – Air DoTheQ part 2
91. GB9 – Just I Like You (feat. NiiHWA)
92. C Jamm – Let It Be (feat. Crush)
94. GFriend – Fall In Love
96. INFINITE – That Summer (The Second Story)

Eric Nam brings back is fun side and I quite like it. I prefer this sort of sound for him, and I really like his collaboration with Loco too.

Really like Suran’s part in And, but the song as a whole is so-so.


Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of July 2016 (04-10)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
01. Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
11. B2ST – Ribbon
15. BeWhy – Day Day (feat. Jay Park/prod. by Gray)
41. C Jamm – Beautiful (feat. Zico)
42. #gun – Crazy Guy (feat. Jessi)
51. Sonnet Son – Without You (feat. Andup)
66. Park Yong In, Kwon Soon Il (Urban Zakapa) – No way OST
68. Seventeen – Very Nice
73. JungYup – It’s Love
75. Flowsik, The Quiett, Dok2 – RAPSTAR (remix)
78. Kisum, Seul Ong – Finding Differences OST
82. Wonder Girls – To The Beautiful You
86. Kim NaYoung – Say Goodbye OST
87. Younha – Sunflower OST
90. Juniel – Pisces
91. Reddy – Like This (feat. Bobby)
93. Wonder Girls – Sweet & Easy
96. GFriend – Navillera
97. B2ST – Highlight
99. B2ST – When I…
100. Taeyeon – The Blue Night of Jeju Island

Song Chart
87. B2ST – Practice
89. B2ST – Curious
91. B2ST – With Me (Yoseob Solo)
93. Superbee – Sun Block (feat. Microdot)
98. B2ST – Good Night
99. Skull&Haha – Don’t Laugh (feat. MC Minji)

I like the groovy reggae feel of Why So Lonely. It’s really different from what the group usually does. It’s also perfect for a nice summer afternoon or evening.

I can understand why Day Day is considered highly. It’s nice and fun. But it’s not exactly my style. That said, I’ll pay closer attention now when BeWhy is featured in a song or is in the newbies each week.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – June 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Sistar – I Like That
2. U-Kiss – Stalker
3. Heize – Shup Up And Groove (feat. DEAN)
4. BoA, Beenzino – No Matter What
5. Luna – Free Somebody
6. Taeyeon – Why
7. One – Comfortable (feat. Simon Dominic, Gray)
8. Rose – Coffee (Remastered)
9. Vincent – Thinking About You
10. Zion.T – Knock
11. Park Ji Yoon – O

I wasn’t sure about Stalker, but the chorus stock with me a lot.

I almost talked about every single song in this list, so I won’t talk about it much. But I urge you to go listen to Thinking About You. It’s just really deep and beautiful. It resonates with me a lot too.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 5 of June 2016 (27jun-03jul)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
02. Zion.T – Knock
08. Unnies – Shut Up (feat. Yoo Hee Yeol)
12. Kush, Zion.T – Machine Gun (feat. Song Minho)
16. BewhY – Forever (prod. by Gray)
19. Taeyeon – Why
40. B Boi – Horangnabi (feat. Gill, Rhythm Power)
41. Suzy – Ring My Bell OST
43. C Jamm, Reddy – Wanted
68. Zion.T, Seo Chul Goo – Drummer (feat. Olltii)
93. Iron – System
95. Gugudan – Wonderland

Song Chart
88. Jung JoonYoung – Sympathy (feat. Seo Young Eun)
89. Superbee, myunDo – Beverly 1lls’
91. Flowsik, The Quiett, Dok2 – RAPSTAR (remix)

Knock is just great. It’s pure Zion.T. I wasn’t sure about him being on Show Me To Money because I thought he wouldn’t showcase his ability has much since it’s more about mentoring and sometimes doing some featuring here and there. And SMTM is a little more harsh hip hop than what I really like from him. But he still does it well. Knock is more on the softer lyrical side tho, and it’s not putting on blast anyone either. So I really like it. It’s not as soft as Eat, for example, but reminds me of his first full album, the vibe of the tracks that didn’t have MVs (most of them). Drummer is not as great, not nearly as great, but it’s still enjoyable a little, mostly because of his being in it.

Taeyeon’s Why is nice. It’s not vocally incredible, but the music is fun yet mellow and the song as a whole is just really smooth. A nice summer song, kinda relaxing, but not exactly to stay still and have a nap. More to slowly groove in the sunlight and dance with the wind.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 4 of June 2016 (20-26)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
02. Sistar – I Like That
08. Yerin Baek – Bye Bye My Blue
19. One – Comfortable (feat. Simon Dominic, Gray)
21. Taeyeon – Starlight (feat. DΞΔN)
31. #Gun – Going Home (feat. Gummy, Mad Clown)
81. Sistar – Come And Get Me
88. Baek Yerin – His Ocean
98. Kisum – No Jam
99. Babylon – Crush On You (feat. Lil Boi)

Song Chart
83. Davichi – Because I’m Your Girl
84. As One – The Pain I Caused
85. Baek Yerin – Zero
86. Sistar – Say I Love You
89. Kim Tae Woo – Time (feat. Yoo Sung Eun)
92. Baechigi – Hang Over (feat. Jessi)
95. B2ST – Butterfly

I Like That takes me back to the awesomeness of Give It To Me, it has the same vitality and fun vibe to it. The MV is alright, but I’m longing for a more story oriented MV for Sistar.

I was really impressed by Comfortable. It’s a really nice R&B song and I would have never guess I would actually quite enjoy something coming out of Show Me The Money.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 3 of June 2016 (13-19)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
03. Loco, Gray – Good (feat. Elo)
09. San E, Raina – Sugar and Me
10. Simon Dominic, One, G2, BewhY – It’s Not Me Who You Used to Know (prod. by Gray)
18. BoA, Beenzino – No Matter What
21. The Quiett, Superbee, myunDo, Flowsik, Dok2 – Air DoTheQ
22. Zion.T, C Jamm, Reddy, Xitsuh – $insa
62. 10cm – I Really Like You
65. Mad Clown, Donutman, Boi B, #Gun – Rose of Sharon
85. Gray – Just Do It (feat. Loco)
87. The Black Skirts – Wait More OST
88. Kiha and The Faces – Kieuk
91. Younha – Get It? (feat. HA:TFELT, Cheetah)
97. Xia – Lean on Me OST
98. WheeSung – Hold Over (feat. LE of EXID)

Song Chart
85. DIA – On The Road
86. Noel – Hold My Hands
90. Guckkasten – Pulse

No Matter What is nice, though maybe a little repetitive, mainly because of the background beat.

I thought I would have more to say about this week, but really not so much.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 2 of June 2016 (06-12)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
07. EXO – Monster
24. EXO – Lucky One
30. Standing Egg – Drip Drip Drip (with Yeseul)
41. Jung Key – I Don’t Want (feat. So Jung of Ladies’ Code)
53. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Very Old Couples
55. EXO – Artificial Love
58. EXO – Heaven
62. The One – Nocturn
68. Mad Clown – h.ear your colors (feat. Jooheon)
74. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Lazenca, Save Us
75. EXO – Cloud 9
77. Soyu – Tell Me OST
79. EXO – White Noise
82. EXO – Stronger
85. Ha Hyun Woo – An Invitation To Daily Life
88. EXO – One And Only
95. EXO – They Never Know
96. Lee Suk Hoon – I’ll Be There OST

Song Chart
91. As One – Don’t Say Anything
93. Park Yoon Ha, Yoo Seung Woo – Summer Picnic
94. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Hayeoga
95. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Don’t Worry
97. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – Freshwater Eel’s Dream

First off, I freaking hope it’s the last week of this King of Masked Singer thing because I can’t anymore.

As for EXO, I’m not really into Monster all that much. I would say I prefer Artificial Love.

Drip Drip Drip is alright.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 1 of June 2016 (30may-05jun)

Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
24. Kisum – 2 Beer
25. Beenzino – End of Saturday (feat. Blacknut/prod. Peejay)
30. Jung Seung Hwan – If It Is You OST
37. EXID – L.I.E
56. Heize – Shut Up & Groove (feat. DΞΔN)
74. Beenzino – Time Travel
86. Giriboy – I’m In Trouble (feat. Loco)
93. Lyn – Want To Be Free
100. XIA – Rock The World (feat. The Quiett, Automatic)

Song Chart
84. Beenzino – Getting Wet
91. EXID – Will You Take Me?
92. Fiestar – Apple Pie
93. Luna – Free Somebody

One day I’m at work and I have this few words in my head “shut up and groove” with the melody behind it. And I’m like what is that song?! I must have heard it at some point while listening to my never-ending list of stuff to listen to later and it stuck in my head so damn much. I’ve been listening, shutting up and grooving my ass to it ever since.

I kinda like Free Somebody too. It has a 90 or early 2000 pop vibe to it and a dance or EDM light twist to it. It’s not the greatest song there is, but it’s kinda refreshing after what the chart gave us during May.

K-Blend of Awesomeness – May 2016

8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Save ME
2. Akdong Musician – Re-Bye
3. Akdong Musician – How People Move
4. R3hab, Amber, Luna – Wave
5. Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
6. UP10TION – Attention
7. Chancellor – Rodeo (feat. Paloalto)
8. Crush – Woo Ah
9. Han All – Song For You
10. The Stray – You, You
11. Saltnpaper – Goodbye (aka Island)

Briefly, Goodbye and Island is the same song. The difference is that Island has more English part in it. I have the more English friendly one in the YouTube playlist and the more Korean friendly one in the 8tracks playlist. In any case, this song reminds me a lot of Damien Rice style.

There’s also another small change between the 2 playlist. The 8 track one has You, You, the original version as recorded on the single. The YouTube playlist has the live piano ver., which is a little smoother, mostly around the “climax” area where there would be a little bit more background music to support the intensity. The difference is still really minor and both version are great.

Attention is a nice boy’s band song that a lot of other (even more established ones) should learn from : quality of the music, of the melody comes first. It’s still kinda like other people would do, but it’s doing it great so that’s why I keep having this song stuck in my head.

Weekly Melon Newbies: Week 4 of May 2016 (23-29)

Instiz Chart of this week
Click on the YouTube logo below the song to watch the MV

Total Chart
01. Baek A Yeon – So-So
03. Urban Zakapa – I Don’t Love You
06. Park Kyung (Block B) – Inferiority Complex (feat. Eunha of GFriend)
39. Roy Kim – Maybe I OST
54. Jonghyun – She Is
71. Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) – One Million Roses
89. Gil – Refrigerator (feat. Lee Hi, Verbal Jint)
93. Urban Zakapa – Always Wonder
99. Urban Zakapa – I Like It All
100. Chen, Chanyeol – If We Love Again

Song Chart
81. Urban Zakapa – If You Still Love Me
85. Baek A Yeon – Something To Say
90. Urban Zakapa – Nearness Is To Love
92. iKON – #WYD
93. Jonghyun – White T-Shirt
94. Oh My Girl – Windy Day

Nope! Even the One Million Roses cover is not that great.