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8traks playlist
Spotify playlist (but incomplete)

MV Playlist


01. WINNER – Ah Yeah
03. (G)I-DLE – Uh-Oh
04. CLC – Me
05. EXID – Me&You
06. AB6IX – Breathe
07. BVNDIT – Dramatic
08. Khaki Hwang – Misery (feat. Oskar)
09. Ted Park – Drippin (feat. Jessi)
10. POLO – No Conversation (feat. Autumn) (prod. Muffin)
11. Druken Tiger – I Love You Too (feat. Yoon Mi Rae)
12. Cheetah – Flight (feat. Chaboom)
13. Soyou, Ovan – Rain Drop
14. Dukin – Dukin thinks

A few interesting finds in this one, namely Misery and No Conversation which I’m pretty sure you won’t find anywhere else cuz they are not really mainstream. I also find Dukin thinks extremely catchy even though I wasn’t sure at first since it’s so low pace.

In the more mainstream part of this playlist, I would really encourage you to listen to ZGZG, which I almost pass over because I wasn’t subscribed to SAAY channel. It’s really good and I think I prefer it over all the other girlsband song of the playlist. One thing I realized also is that there’s this kind of trend to do very conventional Kpop song with a more trap-like chorus. Hopefully, they also realize it and stop doing it everywhere because, even though it can be good, doing it for every song out there is just kinda boring.