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01. Jessi – Down
02. Mamamoo – Egotistic
03. Produce 48 (H.I.N.P – Hot Issue of National Producers) – Rumor
04. Chung Ha – Love U
05. Seungri – 1, 2, 3!
06. Gugudan Semina – Semina
07. Produce 48 (1am) – I Am
08. F.T. Island – Summer Night’s Dream
09. Hyolyn – See Sea
10. Yoonmirae – You & Me (feat. Junoflo)
11. Leebada – Night Dream

I prefer the song Down over its MV which, to me, is a bit too much. It’s a bit like for See Sea, which I enjoy as a song, but the MV made me doubt about that because of the 90’s feel that was also a little bit weird for me.

I’m also really bummed out that Rumor didn’t win the Concept evaluation of Produce 48 because it was by far the best song out of the bunch.

Took me some time to actually enjoy Love U, since it seems that previous Chung Ha songs were more catchy from the get go. But now I really like it a lot, after listening to it a few times.

Same goes for Egotistic. Seems to me like it’s a bit different from what Mamamoo usually go for and I had trouble with it at first. But now I enjoy it.