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8traks playlist
Spotify playlist (but incomplete)

MV Playlist


01. Boa – One Shot, Two Shot
02. CLC – Black Dress
03. Seventeen – Thanks
04. Boa – Nega Dola
05. Miryo – Can I See You Again
06. djfriz – Dive (feat. MRSHLL, Megan Lee)
07. Vromance – Star
08. Seo Ja Yeong – 계절이 바뀌는 것처럼
09. Henry – Monster

I freaking love One Shot, Two Shot. The concept of the MV is also quite good I might say, even though I would be alright without the performance part with her hair all frizzy.

Can I See You Again is both annoying and catchy. But lately, I’m leaning more on the catchy part of the thing so that’s that.

The dance featured in the MV of Star is amazing and you should definitely watch it just for that.