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8traks playlist
Spotify playlist (but incomplete)

MV Playlist


01. Chung Ah – Roller Coaster
02. Sunmi – Heroine
03. Celeb Five – Celeb Five (I wanna be a celeb)
04. Momoland – Bboom Bboom
05. gugudan – The Boots
06. Red Velvet – Bad Boy
07. Amber, Luna – Lower
08. Yuri, Raiden – Always Find You
09. Ashmute – Ghost

First off, to understand why I added Celeb Five in the playlist, you need to go watch that MV. It’s mostly a joke, but like, it’s so funny, and the song stays with you afterward.

But, talking about watching MVs, I think the MV for Heroine is too distracting from the song. Like, somehow, it matches but doesn’t. At first, I thought I didn’t like the song because of it. That’s why I sometimes have to have double takes on some songs, because the MVs can either be way too charming (the song is then overrated in my own mind) or way too distracting (the song is underrated because of it).

I’m surprised by myself that I added a song by both Momoland and gugudan, since I usually don’t like their style at all. The Boots as something special though and Bboom Bboom is just way too catchy to stay immune to it.