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01. Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo
02. Super Junior – Black Suit
03. Epik High – Here Come The Regrets (feat. Lee Hi)
04. Kard – You In Me
05. Epik High – Lost One (feat. Kim Jong Wan)
06. Suran – Love Story (feat. Crush)
07. LambC – Once (feat. John OFA Rhee, Corduroy)
08. Rainbow99 – Berlin, Teufelsberg I

I love everything about Peek-A-Boo. I would have dialed up the creepiness and spookiness of the MV though, since the concept is all about Halloween-ish vibe and stuff. But hey, still a good MV nonetheless.

Here Come The Regrets is one of my favorite song of the album. It’s also the only one I can sing since it’s all in English and the lyrics are easy to memorize. Lost One is also one of the first song that caught my ear on my first listen of the album. So 2 really great songs from Epik High, again, this time around. The lyrics to Lost One are very deep and also sad, and I feel like it’s either Tablo talking to Haru or Tablo talking to his juniors in the industry, with all the shit he’s been through…