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8traks playlist
Spotify playlist (but incomplete)

MV Playlist


01. Epik High – Love Story (feat. IU)
02. NU’EST W – Where You At
03. Playback – Want You To Say
04. Twice – Likey
05. Oneway, Waveon Coffee – Kiss You Goodnight
06. Niihwa – What I Want
07. Epik High – Home Is Far Away (feat. Oh Hyuk)
08. Sumsher – What You Gonna Do (feat. Limzy)

Epik High is back with an awesome album through and through. Of course, I’m totally biased, but let’s face it, Epik High are talented and it shows too. Anyway, if I could, I would put the whole album as a playlist, but I’ll be fair and follow the MV releases and stuff. Love Story is a great song, but I think I do prefer Home Is Far Away if I had to choose between the too. I think it’s mainly a “repeat listening” thing, as Love Story can become too sweet after a while when Home Is Far Away is just… flowy? I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but the calm vibe of it is more soothing in a way, at least for me. But still, 2 great songs and I’m very happy that Love Story ranked so high in all the charts.

I was pleasantly surprised by Playback. I don’t know them at all but the song is actually quite good and the chorus is catchy. I hope they get more attention from now on because they are talented enough to do great stuff onward, if people just give them the chance to do so.