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8traks playlist
Spotify playlist (but missing one song)

MV Playlist


01. Wanna One – Energetic
02. BP Rania – Beep Beep Beep
03. Hyuna – Babe
04. Jane Jang, Giantpink, Perc%nt – Dumb Dumb
05. Shannon – Hello
06. Groovyroom – Sunday (feat. Heize, Jay Park)
07. Taeyang – White Night
08. Hwang In Sun – Rainbow
09. Cherry Coke – Don’t Kill My Vibe

I’m getting more and more picky as time goes by. It was hard to find 8 songs this month, and I bet it will only get harder further down the road.

Weirdly enough, I like White Night, the “intro”, more than the other two main title of the new Taeyang album. The other two song are like… I don’t know, they’re trying too hard to be the new Eyes, Nose, Lips, but failing at it. I guess that the chorus of Darling is catchy enough, but it’s still a so-so song.

I have to say I’m impressed with Hwang In Sun. The song is nice and it suits her well I think.

The MV for Hello is not the best. But the song is really catchy and I enjoy it quite a lot.