Hey there my beautiful people!

I’m sorry, I know I’m getting almost a year behind. I hope I’ll have a little more free time to spend time to go through stuff here. That said, I’m still listening to just about every new release, of every genre. But I’m still late on that too, like about a month and a half late. If you wanna have a sneak peek of what was my jam over the past ~9 months, go to my YouTube channel, all the playlist are there, but some of them are still incomplete and most of them are not really set in a proper order, so you might get very slow stuff next to very upbeat stuff. Sorry again.

Luna, acting sorry

And since SHIMMixes didn’t realise the yearly mashup (so I think we can agree it won’t happen since it’s April already), I decided that I would direct you to the 2 best I’ve found. There was a few other, but it was either too noisy or not enough well crafted. We’ll see next year if those people do better. But in the meantime, here are the 2 “winners” of the 2016 Kpop Mashup competition (there was no competition, but whatever) :