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01. BTS – Not Today
02. Raiden – Heart of Steal (feat. Bright Lights)
03. Taeyeon – I Got Love
04. Code Kunst – Fire Water (feat. G.Soul, Tablo)
05. Eden – Stand Up (feat. Babylon)
06. Ailee – Reminiscing
07. 13 Month – 그날이 떠오르는 밤
08. Soma – Midnight in Paris
09. Boni – Episode

Heart of Steal is not exactly Kpop maybe, but like, Raiden is a Seoul base DJ so, to me, it counts. The MV is quite interesting, on top of the song being really nice, so check it out.

I had a lot of trouble actually getting 8 songs or more for this one, so I don’t have much to say about the songs. It’s much more on the softer side this time too, so if you feel more like dancing around, only the first 3 songs will do, the rest is much more low pace, but still good.