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8traks playlist
Spotify playlist (but incomplete, bcuz of course they don’t have all the tracks…)

MV Playlist


01. Uhm Jung Hwa – Watch Me Move
02. iPartyNauseous – A Year in K-Pop 2016 Megamix
03. AOA – Excuse Me
05. eSNa – Attention
06. Seo In Guk – BeBe
07. Hwang Kwanghee, Gaeko – Your Night (feat. Oh Hyuk)
08. Sam Kim – Who Are You OST
09. Heize – Star
10. Soyu – I Miss You OST
11. Merry Go Round – Indian Summer
12. Heejung Han – Slow Dance (Acoustic Ver.)

I had like 10 more songs I put on hold over this month because I was feeling like crap and there was a whooooole lot of sad shit up there. I toned it down a little I think. It’s not very holiday-ish though.

Watch Me Move makes me wanna dance my ass off.

I wasn’t sure about Your Night at first, but who can resist the voice of Oh Hyuk? I mean, I can’t, for sure.

Same goes for Sam Kim’s voice. I’ve been watching Goblin and it’s the first song that real caught my attention to the point I had to jump on my computer and get it ASAP. It’s the chorus, how he’s singing it with all his might. I mean come on, what are you doing to me!?