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8traks playlisthttps://8tracks.com/michikohime/k-blend-of-awesomeness-august-2016

MV Playlist


01. I.O.I – Whatta Man (Good Man)
02. Spica – Secret Time
03. 9Muses A – Lip 2 Lip
04. NU’EST – Love Paint (Every Afternoon)
05. Spica – Get Lucky (cover)
06. Basick – Nice (feat. G2, Hwasa of Mamamoo)
07. Urban Zakapa – Thursday Night (feat. Benzino)
08. Suran – Paradise Go
09. J-Min – Ready For Your Love
10. Jun. K – Think About You

I know Spica’s Get Lucky is a cover, but it’s a really fun one and I urge you to check it out.

I’m happy with Paradise Go, it stays in my head a lot, which is nice for this kind of song since the pace isn’t the most catchy of them all.

Whatta Man is the catchiest of them all though ahaha

Jun. K did all his solo stuff, and I wasn’t super impressed, but I have to say that Think About You is good. I does stuck with you a lot, but it’s not overly dramatic, just the right amount I would say.