Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
03. Ailee – If You
04. Urban Zakapa – Thursday Night (feat. Beenzino)
19. Soyu, Yu Seung Woo – I Think I’m Done Sleeping OST
25. Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (EXO) – For You OST
32. Han Dong Geun – Amazing You
55. Jimin Park – Try
61. Crush, Han Sang Won – Skip
71. Nada, Jeon So Yeon – Scary (prod. by Kush)
88. Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) – Falling OST

Song Chart
98. Nada – Sticky (feat. San E/prod. by San E)

FIY, I’ve been listening to so much crap music-wise lately, so maybe I’m more enthusiast than usual for some stuff lately. I felt like nothing was really bad in these new songs, but I wouldn’t say I was impressed with everything (cough Ailee’s new song cough).

I think Thursday Night is deserving of some praises. I’m not sure I want to listen to it a whole lot after today, because somehow, Beenzino’s parts just bug the fuck out of me. But the chorus and all the other parts are quite nice. I understand the appeal to have him featured in another song since the last time was as awesome as ever, but this time around, it just breaks the mood a little, mostly because of his part in the chorus. That said, I might be won over by the harmony of the voices still.

I’m pleasantly surprised with Scary. I think it’s mostly because I quite love Jeon So Yeon, but I also think the song as a whole is nice enough.