8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
2. f(x) – All Mine
3. Gil Gun – Not A Chance
4. Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Loco)
5. Heize – And July (feat. DEAN, DJ Friz)
6. Neon Bunny – Room 314 (feat. Mark Redito)
7. Kwon Jinah, Sam Kim – For Now
8. Choi Young Min – Summer Dawn

I had so much trouble getting at least 8 songs for this month. I wonder if it’s because the song market is over saturated with everything Show Me The Money puts out there.

Anyway, Not A Chance is fun even though the MV is maybe a little bit on the… I don’t even know how to qualify it exactly. It just sends me a weird vibe somehow. However, definitely like the song a lot.

Neon Bunny is a music goddess so I guess that’s all I need to say. Not the best out of the album, but still really nice.

I don’t usually go for instrumental stuff, but Summer Dawn is a nice calm piece of music and I think it deserves more attention.