Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
26. Superbee – Shark in a Pool (feat. Black Nut)
80. Lyn – Only Yours (feat. Soulman)
85. John Park – Thought of You
86. Junggigo – Only You OST
88. Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Loco)
91. Hyorin – I Miss You OST
93. BeWhy, Simon Dominic – XamBaqJa (prod. by BewhY)
96. Xitsuh – And (feat. Suran)
98. Solar (Mamamoo) – In My Dreams
99. Flowsik, Hash Swan, Boi B, Woo Tae Woon, G2 – Dokkaebi
100. Jay Park, Ugly Duck – Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party

Song Chart
81. BeWhy – Fake pt.2 (prod. by BeWhy)
90. The Quiett, Dok2, SuperBee – Air DoTheQ part 2
91. GB9 – Just I Like You (feat. NiiHWA)
92. C Jamm – Let It Be (feat. Crush)
94. GFriend – Fall In Love
96. INFINITE – That Summer (The Second Story)

Eric Nam brings back is fun side and I quite like it. I prefer this sort of sound for him, and I really like his collaboration with Loco too.

Really like Suran’s part in And, but the song as a whole is so-so.