8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Sistar – I Like That
2. U-Kiss – Stalker
3. Heize – Shup Up And Groove (feat. DEAN)
4. BoA, Beenzino – No Matter What
5. Luna – Free Somebody
6. Taeyeon – Why
7. One – Comfortable (feat. Simon Dominic, Gray)
8. Rose – Coffee (Remastered)
9. GaIn, Minseo – Imi Oneun Sori
10. Vincent – Thinking About You
11. Zion.T – Knock
12. Park Ji Yoon – O

I wasn’t sure about Stalker, but the chorus stock with me a lot.

I almost talked about every single song in this list, so I won’t talk about it much. But I urge you to go listen to Thinking About You. It’s just really deep and beautiful. It resonates with me a lot too.

Imi Oneun Sori is the really beautiful theme song of the very beautiful movie Agassi (The Handmaiden). If you haven’t seen it, go and do, it’s like one of my favorite movie. Yes, not joking, it skyrocketed way up my list.