Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
24. Kisum – 2 Beer
25. Beenzino – End of Saturday (feat. Blacknut/prod. Peejay)
30. Jung Seung Hwan – If It Is You OST
37. EXID – L.I.E
56. Heize – Shut Up & Groove (feat. DΞΔN)
74. Beenzino – Time Travel
86. Giriboy – I’m In Trouble (feat. Loco)
93. Lyn – Want To Be Free
100. XIA – Rock The World (feat. The Quiett, Automatic)

Song Chart
84. Beenzino – Getting Wet
91. EXID – Will You Take Me?
92. Fiestar – Apple Pie
93. Luna – Free Somebody

One day I’m at work and I have this few words in my head “shut up and groove” with the melody behind it. And I’m like what is that song?! I must have heard it at some point while listening to my never-ending list of stuff to listen to later and it stuck in my head so damn much. I’ve been listening, shutting up and grooving my ass to it ever since.

I kinda like Free Somebody too. It has a 90 or early 2000 pop vibe to it and a dance or EDM light twist to it. It’s not the greatest song there is, but it’s kinda refreshing after what the chart gave us during May.