8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Save ME
2. Akdong Musician – Re-Bye
3. Akdong Musician – How People Move
4. R3hab, Amber, Luna – Wave
5. Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
6. UP10TION – Attention
7. Chancellor – Rodeo (feat. Paloalto)
8. Crush – Woo Ah
9. Han All – Song For You
10. The Stray – You, You
11. Saltnpaper – Goodbye (aka Island)

Briefly, Goodbye and Island is the same song. The difference is that Island has more English part in it. I have the more English friendly one in the YouTube playlist and the more Korean friendly one in the 8tracks playlist. In any case, this song reminds me a lot of Damien Rice style.

There’s also another small change between the 2 playlist. The 8 track one has You, You, the original version as recorded on the single. The YouTube playlist has the live piano ver., which is a little smoother, mostly around the “climax” area where there would be a little bit more background music to support the intensity. The difference is still really minor and both version are great.

Attention is a nice boy’s band song that a lot of other (even more established ones) should learn from : quality of the music, of the melody comes first. It’s still kinda like other people would do, but it’s doing it great so that’s why I keep having this song stuck in my head.