8traks playlist

MV Playlist


1. DJ Tak – Brandnewtype (Tak Mashup)
2. Twice – Cheer Up
3. Mamamoo – Woohoo
4. UP10TION – Attention
5. I.O.I – Crush
6. Mintty (Tiny-G) – Already Go Lady
7. Sleepy – Body Lotion (feat. Bang Yong Guk/prod. Giriboy)
8. Sam Kim – No Sense (feat. Crush)
9. 10cm – What The Spring??
10. Joe Won Sun, Jinsil (Life&Time) – Mismatch
11. Babylon – Between Us (feat. Dok2)
12. TK – One More Night
13. NiiHWA – Gravity
14. Melten – Don’t Leave Me
15. Choi Young Min – Paris

I really like the end of the list. It’s more smooth than the start of it, and maybe it’s because it’s late right now, but I’m more in the mood for this kind of music over pop stuff. I even have a great piano piece at the very end. If you like soft instrumental, definitely give it a try.

There’s even a pure ballad for crying out loud.

I feel like I said most of the stuff I would say in previous weekly chart. I like where Mintty is going since Tiny-G is almost death. I hope we get more of her solo act soon. She was my favorite of the group after all.