Ok, maybe not that major, but still.

So I’m in the middle of my last week off until the end of the summer (that hasn’t even started yet). And yesterday, I just finished listening to 400 songs in my “watch later list”. Yes, 400. I had a rough end of the semester, that started around the mid-terms area. And I met a guy, that lives about 600km away. And next semester is the internship, and I’m going to try to work full-time at the same time -_-

The thing is, I still want to do this. I’m still invest in discovering new music and listen to Korean music and talk about it and share my thoughts and hopefully, make you discover great things too.

BUT : working on charts stuff is REALLY long. Like really. I have to go see the chart, find the video (sometimes there is none so I need to search harder), translate the artist and song name (sometimes it’s hard to find the English version as well), copy everything in order, had the arrows and the amount of rank a song as gain or lost, and so on. I use to have fun doing that and see how things evolve and how Koreans perceived the music they produce, how some songs that are really popular here are not so much over there, and vice versa. I’m still mildly interested about it, but with Instiz and Melon and the way things work now, I don’t think that is so necessary anymore. At least with Instiz, when you go check the chart, you can easily watch the video by simply clicking on it. Also, there’s many people on Youtube and on Tumblr doing stuff about that.

My “flavor” here is the K-Blend stuff. That will stay no matter what, for sure. I’ve been also kinda late with those since this chunk of 2015 is missing and all that. But the playlist exist, they are just not complete because I know I’m missing stuff. I intend to work hard to bring those in a more steady pace and bring the ones that are not completed yet ASAP.

What I still want to do with the chart, and what I was kind already doing in a way, is the newbies. I want to talk about the newbies, bad and great – or just valuable interesting pieces -, and I think it’s the best way to stay put on stuff you might not be privy about for whatever reason. So I’ll drop Instiz chart, but, one thing I’ll do is link the chart of the week on top of the post so that people who are still interested to see how ranking evolve and stuff can go there easily. I might even talk about AllKill and PerfectKill when it happens (not sure yet). But anyone interested in that can follow any K-pop news feed to know about it. I’ll do Melon newbies, since to me, with their various chart system, it’s the best way to hear about new songs. I won’t do cross-newbies (one that was in Song Chart that is new in the Total Chart the week after) and I won’t do old newbies, except if I feel like it’s relevant or if I have a good reason. I’ll still do playlist of those, and that’s it.

That way, I think I’ll be able to keep up more. Also, it might give me some time to do more stuff, like the other categories of post I use to do, even maybe album reviews now and then or just work on other project I’ve been putting on hold a lot because to me, this was always a priority over other things that I still love and miss doing.

So, voilà! I’m sorry if some people are not pleased with this (if there’s still people following -_-) but my life is changing and I cannot keep up. That said, I think it’s for the best because now, I’ll be able to bring more unknown and less popular stuff to the attention of people who seeks good Korean music :)