Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
34. Vibe – 1 year, 365 days (feat.Gummy)
35. Lee Hi – My Star
42. Apink – The Wave
73. VIXX – Dynamite
89. Lee Hi – Video (feat. Bobby)
93. Bbyu (Yook Sung Jae, Joy) – Young Love
94. Jung Eunji – Love Is Like The Wind
99. Yesung – Here I Am

Song Chart
83. Lee Hi – Up All Nights (feat. Tablo)
85. Lee Hi – Blues
89. Park Boram – Dynamic Love
91. TWICE – Cheer Up
94. Vibe – Raining
96. Lee Hi – Passing By
98. Kim Bum Soo, KENZIE – Pain Poem

There’s a few Lee Hi songs that are okay, but as for now, nothing outstanding. I kinda like Up All Nights a little more than the rest of them I think (but I’m biased).

Not really that into Dynamite, sadly. It’s good but just too much like everything else everyone is doing. I need a nice hook to keep me going or something.

I wasn’t sure at first with Cheer Up, but the chorus is just impossible to get out of your head. The MV is really awesome too with all the movie references.