Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
08. Loco – You Too (feat. Cha Cha Malone)
26. Vibe, Chen (EXO), Heize – Lil’ Something
36. Mamamoo – Woohoo
37. I.O.I – Crush
38. M.C THE MAX – Wind Beneath Your Wings OST
58. CNBLUE – You’re So Fine
89. 2BiC – Yours Mine
96. Lee Seung Cheol – Diary
97. Bernard Park, Hye Rim (Wonder Girls) – With You
98. Acoustic Collabo – Please

Song Chart
86. Block B – Toy

Lil’ Something is not bad, but I feel like it lacks a little something to really stand out.

I wasn’t sure at first about Woohoo because it’s basically a song requested by a brand for selling their product. But I kinda enjoy it quite a lot. It’s not the best Mamamoo you can find, but it’s light and fun, just enough to start and think about next summer.

As I said before, I’ve watched Produce 101. I’m overall ok with the people who were chosen to debut (except maybe 2 of them). The song (Crush) is really good. It sounds a lot like a mix of the songs they did for the concept week, upbeat, pop-ish with a small hint of EDM. The only thing I’m kinda not happy about is the MV. I was looking forward to something really more polished with a proper dance, but they had to go with a half-assed recording of the recording and just putting the girls in a room with a camera, probably telling them to act cute, girly and goofy. They do dance a little, but it’s really not much and it’s made to look like it’s casual and stuff, so it’s kinda boring and no one is really hitting the moves at all.