Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
08. Jang Beom June – Fallen in Love Only With You
19. Jang Beom June – To The Rain
33. Jang Beom June – Spring Rain
34. Jay Park – The Truth Is
43. Jang Beom June – She Smiles
44. Jang Beom June – Falling in Love Immediately
47. Jang Beom June – I Should Leave You
48. Lyn – With You OST
62. Jang Beom June – To Hongdae
74. Jang Beom June – Teasing Girl
81. Make Some Noise – 24Hours
88. Eric Nam – Good For You
90. DΞΔN – D (half moon) (feat. Gaeko)
92. Jang Beom June – A New Song Called Lullaby
96. Jang Beom June – Kiss
99. Jang Beom June – Cute Girl

Song Chart
85. Jang Beom June – I’m Erasing The Night
86. Jang Beom June – Cigarette
90. Jang Beom June – Ulala
94. Block B – A Few Years Later
95. Oh My Girl – One Step, Two Steps
95. GOT7 – Fly

I couldn’t care less about Jang Beom June music.

But as I said last week, I love 24Hours and to me, it deserves way more praise than what it got on the show.

I also like The Truth Is, where we get back to a much softer, less horny Jay Park. I like it horny sometimes, but it hurts my principles most of the time because then the MV is full of objectified women and I’m not really ok with that (I’m not even talking about how the lyrics are objectifying all over the place, but that’s also part of why I’m always so-so on those song of his). This one is more like Star, which was the first song that really got me into him and his music, so that makes me really happy that I can find back my original Jay Park.