Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
09. Mad Clown, Kim Na Young – Once Again OST
16. K.will – Talk Love OST
32. Jang Beom June – Without You by My Side
33. Standing Egg – Rainbow (feat. Yun Dak of O Broject)
35. Ha Hyeon Woo (Guckkasten) – Don’t Cry
36. Red Velvet – One Of These Nights
60. Giriboy – It’s Pretty
67. Girls On Top – In the Same Place
79. Hanhae – I Used To
89. Jessi – Excessive Love
95. Macaroon Honey Dduk – Yum Yum

Song Chart
89. Pinkrush – Fingertips
92. Red Velvet – Cool Hot Sweet Love
97. Hualyeogangsan – Don’t Matter

First, I’m astonished that 24Hours is not in there at all because I actually like it a lot. But as I said before, I watch Produce101. I really like all the song, but if I had to put them from the one I love most to the one I love least, I think that Fingertips would be way on top, then 24Hours, then In The Same Place, then Don’t Matter and finally Yum Yum. Sure, the performance of Don’t Matter is not as fun or intense as the one for Yum Yum, but Yum Yum is not that great of a song, at least I don’t like it that much. That said, I’m not angry at the win for In The Same Place. The editing of the show makes it so that you can feel all the weight and the emotion behind it, so the performance actually make me cry too.