Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
06. Chen, Punch – Everytime OST
09. Mamamoo – You’re The Best
26. Yoon Mi Rae – Always OST
37. Yo Jae Hwan – Like A Flower
47. Eddy Kim – Paldangdam (feat. Beenzino)
56. Yoon Mi Rae – Because of You
58. Taemin – Press Your Number
60. Jung Joonyoung – Sympathy (feat. Suh Youngeun)
95. Ladies’ Code – Galaxy
96. B.A.P – Feel So Good

Song Chart
88. Taemin – Drip Drop
93. As One – After The Rain (feat. KittiB)
99. Taemin – Soldier

With You’re The Best, I get the Mamamoo style I love back. I’m really happy. It has this light retro disco vibe, with a great mix of beautiful vocal and raspy sassy parts. Taller Than You was not balanced enough for me, it was only sassy and hip-hop-ish. And even though I like that sometimes, it lacked something, a hook maybe. You’re The Best makes me wanna get up and dance, or at least smile ear to ear when it comes up on my Ipod.

Ladies’ Code is back, and I’m still not 100% sure about the new song. I really like the chorus, but I’m not really into the verse. It’s kinda too slow-paced for me.