Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
04. Taeyeon – Rain
13. WINNER – Sentimental
30. Baek Ji Young – Medicine (feat. Verbal Jint)
38. 4minute – Hate
51. Yu Seugwoo – Whatever (feat. Crucial Star)
78. Taeyeon – Secret
86. Kim Bum Soo – You Will Be Happy Without Me
89. Sonnet Son – MS. BURGUNDY
91. WINNER – Immature
94. WINNER – I’m Young (Taehyun Solo)
95. HuhGak, VROMANCE – Already Winter
97. Kim Tae Woo – Don’t Let Separation Come

Song Chart
92. Lee Young Hyun – Home
93. 2BiC – Love Memories
94. Zia – Tears
100. Reddy – Think (feat. Jay Park)

So obviously, since there’s a time difference, I sometimes get song “a day before” they are released. That’s why I’ve put Sentimental and Hate in last month K-Blend playlist. But I don’t think it’s a really big deal and I’ve been doing that since the start. I might try to be more careful about it though from now on, since I like to respect the release date as it was intended, but I won’t split hair in half over this.

I know most people like WINNER for their more hip-hop, upbeat songs or their ballads. But honestly, all the song that came out with the new album are a bore for me, except Sentimental. It’s weird though because it sounds a little like mix between a laid back rock thingy and a aegyo boy band song. I’m okay with the first one, rarely with the second one. But it’s just really nicely done and enjoyable. The MV is even fun.

Hate has a really beautiful MV. The progressive feel of it is alright, but I would have preferred if they just started just a little more fast-paced so that it worked with the rest of the song more. That said, still a really solid song and I like it a lot.

MS. BURGUNDY has a great beat and the chorus is heavenly. I’m sure it won’t get enough attention, though it should, because it’s a really great hip-hop track, totally unexpected.

Not sure if that’s the one (though I’m pretty sure), but I’m Young is the MV that was shot in Montreal. Also, I really don’t understand where they pick their French actresses (in the last few years in Kpop land), but they sound like they are speaking in cans or that they forgot how to speak properly. And I think I recognized my ex’s brother in the party scene around the middle, so yeah, definitely Montreal. I don’t have much to say about the song though, because it’s really not great.

Already Winter has a weird ass MV.