8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. Yezi – Cider
2. J.slow – Kids Nowadays (feat. Freelow)
3. Dalshabet – Someone Like U
4. BUBBLE X – Monologue
5. Lucky J – No Love
6. Gary – Lonely Night (feat. Gaeko)
7. 4minute – Hate
8. Anda – Taxi
9. Louie (Geeks), Lee Hyun Woo – Your Face
10. Zico – I am you, you are me
11. Crush – Don’t Forget (feat. Taeyeon)
12. Jung Yong Hwa, SunWoo Jung A – Hello
13. Suzy, Baekhyun – Dream
14. Meny – Happy New Birthday
15. WINNER – Sentimental
16. SUS4 – Pick Me Up
17. Royal Pirates – Dangerous

Kids Nowadays is perfect when you feel like hating on everyone. The chorus is just perfect for that.

Hello really grew on me a lot. I like how nice it is and how harmonious both voices are together.

There’s a little more songs than on previous playlist so I had a harder time squeezing all the best stuff at the start because I still wanted the progression to make sense. I also feel like January is a little less upbeat, like there’s a lot of songs that are not really all cheerful and fast-paced. But that’s ok, it’s cold outside and dark, so I like smooth stuff.

Wasn’t so sure at first with Dalshabet. The retro feel to their stuff always throws me back at first. But I really like it now.

I highly suggest Monologue and No Love. Not really usual song, but really good and unique.

Also, if you must, look at the MV for Taxi, but it’s a really bad MV. The song is fun, though I had a hard time placing it in the playlist so that it wasn’t outshined by the stuff around it. It’s not as strong as other stuff, but still enjoyable.