Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
80. Park Yu Chun – How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet
82. Navi – Sea of Tears
89. Zico – I Am You, You Are Me
93. Shin Yong Jae (4MEN) – In The Middle of World

Song Chart
85. Zico – It Was Love (feat. Luna of f(x))
86. Teen Top – Warning Sign
96. GFriend – Rough

Even though I’m not really excited by Zico all that much, for reasons I’ve talked about before, this song is really nice. It’s smooth and laid back, and the beat, even though it’s not really uplifting or intense or anything, it’s really catchy. I know a few people out there (not fangirls) agrees with me, so yes, definitely check it ou.

I don’t understand how It Was Love is a Zico song when he’s not singing a note in it. Anyway.

Warning Sign is good and I feel like it’s the sign that Teen Top is out of the bubbly flower boy for good. And that is good for me because I really hate that concept most of the time. But the song is a little lacking somewhere for me, like there’s nothing that is standing out, the explosive part don’t exploded enough or something. I’m still keeping close though because I feel like it could be a song I’ll warm to at some point. But something is giving me some kind of weird feeling, I feel like the rhythm is too slow for the kind of song it’s trying to be. Just the finger snapping at the start is really strange and offbeat.

Took me about 2 to 3 month to getting into the Me Gustas Tu wagon. I’m not sure I’m there yet for Rough, though I think it has the same quality as the former. So maybe one day.