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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
44. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Butterfly
46. Psy – Good Day Will Come (feat. Jeon In Kweon)
51. K.Will, SISTAR, Boyfriend, Mad Clown, Junggigo, Jooyoung, MONSTA X, Yu Seung Woo, Brother Su, Exy (Starship Planet) -Softly
61. Psy – Sing (PSY mix) (with Ed Sheeran)
71. Beenzino – We Are Going To
80. Girls’ Generation-TaeTiSeo – Merry Christmas
83. Byeol – Everyday Christmas (feat. Sweet Sorrow)
85. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Whalien 52
89. Yim Jae Beum – 그 사람, 그 사랑
93. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Ma City
95. Baek Yerin – As I Am
96. Bangtan Boys – Dead Leaves
97. Baek Yerin – Blue
98. Zico – Eureka (feat. Zion.T)

Song Chart
89. Seventeen, Ailee – Q&A
90. Baek Yerin – Don’t Leave Me Alone
94. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Crow Tit
100. Baek Yerin – I Want To Fall Asleep zZ

Starship Planet has released their Christmas song. It’s alright, but I don’t think it’s the best they made so far. But it’s good enough to be to one that kicks off the Christmas music craze of December.

There’s some BTS songs here that are good. The thing is that, most of the time, they only release one theme song and the rest has no MV. They should do at least 2, maybe of different style. I know they don’t need that much help since everyone loooooove them, but most of those song would benefit from a good MV.

And I’m a little pissed that Zion.T got super corrupted by Zico. The song isn’t that great (except for Zion.T’s parts, which are flawless), but man, the sexism in that MV is so damn high. I cannot stand it, sorry. I have trouble with Zico because most of what he does is revolve around this and only this. Anyway…