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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
31. Dynamic Duo – 있어줘 (feat. Lydia Paek)
54. Dynamic Duo – J.O.T.S. (feat. Nafla)
56. Dynamic Duo – When Winter Comes
65. Lee Hong Ki – Insensible
66. Dynamic Duo – Title Song (feat. Verbal Jint)
71. Dynamic Duo – On The Rooftop

Song Chart
89. Dynamic Duo – Dodoripyo
96. Trudy – Pride (prod. by Brave Brothers/feat. Gummy)
97. Jonghyun – Only The Word I Love You

I think the 2 songs I like best from Dynamic Duo this time is When Winter Comes (I sound a lot like Great Expectation) and Dodoripyo. But still, I’ll need more time to make up my mind about those.

The rest is not that great, at least not for me.