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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
83. Homme – Ain’t No Love
87. 2LSON – A Year Like A Day (feat. Babylon, NiiHWA)
90. Jay Park – You Know (feat. Okasian)
97. Kim Feel – Youthhood (feat. Kim Chang Wan)
98. Brown Eyed Girls – Time of Ice Cream

Song Chart
95. Jay Park – Worldwide (feat. Dok2, The Quiett)
98. Brown Eyed Girls – Warm Hole
100. Hyorin – My Love (feat. Basick)

Ok, I’m sorry, but I cannot put Wild Flower in these playlist anymore. It has exceeded its “newbies” playlist limit. I’m really wondering about those oldies stuff right now. Not sure I’ll keep them up in here anymore. There’s Call Me Baby from EXO that came up there too, and I really don’t feel like putting it back there. So yeah, basically, I think I’ll stick to the “newbies” concept and only put the new stuff here.

And I think I’m getting toward taking a stand against all the sexist shit Jay Park release every year. It’s hard because, most of the time, I really like his songs, but his MV and lyrics are too much. I can kinda excuse Gary because he has some nuance here and there, and also some kind of balance since it’s one MV out of 2 or 3, but Jay Park is starting to beat that sexist crap all the time and I’m fed up with it.

Warm Hole is also not that great. There’s an edgy concept though, but the song is kinda boring.

The only song I kinda like, and I think it might have been here before (but I don’t remember so I put it up again, sorry), is Youthhood. But only Kim Feel’s part. If there was no Kim Chang Wan, I would have loved it.