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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. Zion.T – No Make Up
2. Taeyeon – I (feat. Verbal Jint)
3. Code Kunst – Parachute (feat. OhHyuk, Dok2)
4. Jay Park – Solo (feat. Hoody)
5. Kisum – Love Talk (feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo)
6. Lil Boi, Basick – Call Me (feat. Hwa Sa)
7. IU – Twenty-three
8. Twice – Like Ooh-Ahh
9. Akdong Musician – Like Ga, Na, Da
10. Pungdeng-e – Ppi Ppi Ppa Ppa
11. XIA – OeO (feat. Giriboy)
12. Click-B – Reborn
13. Ailee – Insane
14. Yozoh, Eric You – Lucy
15. Kim Feel – Youthhood (feat. Kim Chang Wan)

So I had trouble to put this playlist together. The thing is I have a lot of songs that are the same style, or close enough, and then a few other that don’t connect much with each other. Anyway. I always try to put high up the songs I like best, and I still could, but Lucy is way down there because the style didn’t really go with the rest. But I really love that song.

Also, you should check out Reborn. The song is really great, the MV is really bad. It’s a new rookie group, but they have great member and great vocals.

I wasn’t really sure about Parachute at first. But I love it so damn much right now. I also wasn’t too sure about No Make Up, but like most anything Zion.T does, I fell in love with it.

And I changed my mind about Like Ooh-Ahh. I think I got distracted by the flashy video. But sometimes you need to listen without the visuals.