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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. Chancellor, Bumkey – Son E Ga
2. Gary – Get Some Air (feat. Miwoo)
3. Yoo Jae Hwan, Lim Kim – Coffee (Prod. by G-Park)
4. CNBLUE – Cinderella
5. Mamamoo – Girl Crush
6. Kangnam – Chocolate (feat. San E)
7. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb
8. Super Junior – Magic
9. Unicorn – Huk
10. Miwoo – Broken Doll
11. Soyu, Kwon Jeongyeol – Lean On Me
12. Bigstar – Full Moon Shine
13. Purfles – A Bad Thing
14. Jooyoung – Wet
15. Bay.B – Fancy
16. Cho Hyung Woo – Scar (feat. Cheetah)
17. Tablo, Joey Bada$$ – Hood (Prod. by Code Kunst)
18. Black Nut – Gagalive (feat. 175.211.*.*)
19. Gary – Joa (feat. Jay Park)

A few things to talk about. I already glossed over a few song that are here in the chart overview, but there’s a few that never came up (if I remember correctly).

Like Purfles for example. They had a great debut, and I think A Bad Thing is a strong song too. I hope they get more recognition and continue on the path they are right now.

I’m not sure if I talked much about Miwoo yet. And I wasn’t sure also about how I was feeling about that song for a while. But I quite like it now and I still think her voice is beautiful.

I quite like Huk, even though sure, Unicorn isn’t the greatest girlsgroup there is and the MV is a little not up to the standard somehow. The song is still catchy and I find myself wanting to dance to the chorus.

That said, the few songs that really got in my head throughout the month are Son E Ga, Get Some Air and Cinderella. I’m not saying the others are not as great (though Son E Ga really is awesomesauce), but either they didn’t get the “earworm” effect with me or I haven’t listen to them enough so they get stuck up there. I got to get on top of things and listen to a few of them a lot more because, while doing the playlist, I realize I’ve been missing out on great music.