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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
90. iKON – Welcome Back
95. Cho Hyung Woo – Scar (feat. Cheetah)
97. Lovelyz – Ah-Choo
99. iKON – Honestly (M.U.P)

Song Chart
94. Ailee – Insane
98. Yang Da Il – Think
100. Sweden Laundry – Two Hands, to You (feat. Choi Baek Ho)

I think Welcome Back is maybe one of the only song of iKON I like. It sounds a little like something I know, but I cannot quite put my finger on it. Anyway, I would have prefer that song to go high up in the charts and have a MV to support it.

I really like Scar. The chorus is catchy and it’s not just a sad ballad that goes on and on with the vocal performance. Maybe it’s because Cheetah is there for the verses or something. Or it’s because it has this upbeat punchy twist that makes it a little less ballad-ish.

As I said in the Top 30, I need to listen to Ailee song a few more time. Why? Because I’ve been listening to Insane a few times, then left it aside for little while. Then, returning back to it now, I really enjoy the chorus a lot more and kinda like the song as a whole. The MV is a little too… into itself, so maybe that’s partially why it threw me up at first. But the song is nice.