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01. iKON – My Type      NEW
02. EU God-G isn’t EU (IU, Park Myung Soo) – Leon      ↓(1)
03. FLY TO THE SKY – It Happens To Be That Way      NEW
04. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb      –
05. Mino – Fear (feat. Taeyang)      ↓(3)
06. Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart      ↓(1)
07. HwangTaeJi (Kwang Hee, Taeyang, G-Dragon) – OMG      ↓(4)
08. Mamamoo – Girl Crush      NEW
09. GFriend – Me Gustas Tu      ↑(2)
10. Baek A Yeon – So We Are OST      ↓(4)
11. Eutteugeottasi (HaHa, Zion.T) – $ponsor      ↓(4)
12. Incredivle, Tablo, Jinusean – Oppa Car      ↓(3)
13. FLY TO THE SKY – If I Have To Hate You      NEW
14. Hyukoh – Wi Ing Wi Ing      ↓(2)
15. CNBLUE – Cinderella      NEW
16. K.Will – Come To Me OST      NEW
17. BIGBANG – Let’s Not Fall In Love      ↓(4)
18. The 5 Emperor (Hyukoh, Jung Hyungdon) – Wonderful Barn      ↓(10)
19. Mino, Zico – Okey Dokey      ↓(4)
20. Dancing Genome (Yoo Jae Suk, JYP) – I’m So Sexy      ↓(10)
21. Jonghyun – End Of A Day      NEW
22. Jamezz, Andup, Mino – Turtle Ship (feat. Paloalto)      ↓(8)
23. Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Don’t Stop (prod. by D.O)      ↑(2)
24. Zion.T – Yanghwa BRDG      ↓(7)
25. Jessi – SSENUNNI      NEW
26. Nell – Star Shell      NEW
27. BIGBANG – BANG BANG BANG      ↓(4)
28. Trudy, Cheetah – If It Was Not Music (prod. by Verbal Jint)      NEW
29. SG Wannabe – Love You      ↓(11)
30. Yim Jae Bum – Scars Deeper Than Love (duet with Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation)      ↓(14)

I’m so-so with iKON honestly. It didn’t catch me at all at first because it sounds like so many other things I’ve heard before. I mean, when you debut, the last thing you want is to sound generic, right? That the feeling I get from My Type. And the MV concept is really cliché too.

Girl Crush is light and fun. It’s not from a TV show but for a game, so maybe that’s why it’s not as boring as OST usually are. Would be perfect for summer, but it’s getting slowly chilly where I live so I don’t know. I like it, but it doesn’t really fit the overall mood lately.

CNBLUE did a great job, again! Their upbeat stuff is rarely boring. Even though I only listen it a few times, I know it’s going to grow on me more and more. It’s terribly catchy and I find myself toe-tapping throughout the chorus the first time I listened to it.

I kind like Jessi whenever she’s on a variety show, but I’m not sure I like her music, at all. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m really into “melody” hip-hop, or old school hip-hop beat, and she does not do any of those. I’m not sure I fond of the way she “markets” herself in her MVs too. I don’t know. I think it’s not the song exactly, but there’s something that bothers me and I cannot really tell what it is. But I think she could be an interesting new addition to her genre even if she’s not really my thing.

Not sure too about Star Shell. I usually like Nell, but most of the song they make are improved by their concept. And here, it’s like old rock band/rock band, when that’s what they are… So almost no concept. I think I could come around if something like what happened with Four Times Around The Sun and The Great Escape were released. I was more into the latter, and because they came out almost at the same time, it got me hooked on the former too. It’s not that Star Shell is bad, it’s just not outstanding. And the thing is that I have really high expectation when it comes to Nell’s music. So well see I guess.