Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
39. Primary – Don’t Be Shy (feat. ChoA (AOA), Iron)
40. Lee Jung – People Who Make Me Sad
44. Sik-K, Lil Boi (Geeks), GeeGooIn – Respect (feat. Loco, Gray, DJ Pumkin)
63. Kisum – You & Me (feat. Jooyoung)
68. Cool – Confession In Summer
89. Primary – Mileage (feat. Paloalto, Hwasa of Mamamoo)
92. Kang Min Hee (Miss $) – Yanhae (feat. Jimin of AOA)
95. Hwayobi – Do You Love Somebody…?

Song Chart
93. Kim Yeon Woo – Nostalgic Song Ariyo

There’s no word for how much I like Don’t Be Shy. The whole MV aesthetic is really cool and the reggae rhythm is to die for. ChoA’s voice works with it and the whole thing is just astonishing. This is a must not only for summer, but for the whole year. One of my favorite song of 2015.

The Show Me The Money Respect is good too, but in all honesty, I really prefer Loco’s version of it. And that’s mainly because there isn’t all that bleeping out of the word and there’s one of the 3 boys that as a higher pitched voice and it kinda bothers me at times.