Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
7. LeeSSang – Kaleidoscope (feat. Miwoo)
13. APink – Remember
23. INFINITE – Bad
51. Jung Seung Hwan – The Time We Weren’t in Love OST
55. Jay Park – My Last (feat. Loco & Gray)
58. Super Junior – Devil
62. GOT7 – Just Right
66. Loco – Respect (feat. Gray & DJ Pumkin)
71. INFINITE – Moonlight
92. INFINITE – Between Me and You
95. INFINITE – Love Letter
97. INFINITE – Steps

Song Chart
87. Gu Hara – Choco Chip Cookies (feat. Giriboy)
88. INFINITE – Put An End To This
89. B2ST – Gotta Go To Work
98. APink – Attracted To U

I never liked Apink and I won’t start this summer.

Bad is good, though not the best INFINITE song out there. I like the bridge a little more than the chorus, which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but the chorus is not the best either since it’s mainly just the title repeated a few times. That said, Smoky Girl was just that and it rocked my world. One thing I can say is that it’s fun to listen to. And sometimes, it’s the only thing you need.

I like My Last more than I did at first. I had a little trouble, maybe because of the MV. I didn’t have the same issue before, when I started to listen to Kpop. One guy or more relentlessly courting a girl didn’t bother me as much as now. Now it does, immensely. And Jay Park, he’s sometimes just a little too much on the sexist side of thing with his songs and MVs. But the song is nice. It’s a little more light and fun than the previous super sex-y thing he released, and it’s has this fresh thing going on, perfect for summer.

I was throwing shade a lot towards SM lately with all the generic boring stuff. But surprisingly, I really enjoy Devil. It’s more fun than Bad in fact, maybe because it’s less tortured and stuff. And the MV is actually alike the one they did with the western concept. It’s really nice.

I really don’t like GOT7 song though. I’m having trouble with them lately. The first song and the one after that, or another one that I don’t remember where just up my ally. But this one has something too aegyo and just too light. I like my GOT7 with a little more harshness to it and way more hip-hop, definitely.

I kinda like Respect too. The beat is nice and it’s bouncy. I don’t have much more work to describe it though, but I think it’s a good hip-hop track overall.

I wasn’t sure about Choco Chip Cookie at first since it’s a bit more slow-paced than what I expected. But it’s refreshing and, for summer, I’m all for refreshing song. At some point, there’s a weird break in the song and the pace shift a little, and then it comes back to what it did. I don’t quite like that, but it’s still a good song nonetheless.