Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
3. Girls’ Generation – Party
4. Girl’s Day – Ring Ma Bell
10. Crush – Oasis (feat. Zico)
22. Kim Yeon Woo – The More I Love You
46. Kim Yeon Woo – If By Chance
48. Kim Yeon Woo – Can’t Have You
54. Hyukoh – Ohio
64. Kim Yeon Woo – After This Night
75. Highbrow, Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) – The Mind
77. Hyukoh – Gondry
91. Eluphant – SimSim (feat. SoYou of Sistar)
95. P-Type – Bird Man
97. Girls’ Generation – Check
100. Jooheon, Mad Clown – Get Low

Song Chart
87. Crush – You And I
88. Hyukoh – Big Bird
89. Black Nut – 100 (feat. Genius Nochang)
90. Gavy NJ – Just Friend
97. Take – Rainy Day
98. Hyukoh – Panda Bear
99. Kim Bo Kyung – When The Rain Comes

Party is really generic and boring. Girls’ Generation can do better than this. That said, Sunny’s hair color is on point.

I kinda like Ring Ma Bell. It’s not the best summer song and the MV concept kinda agrees with me on this because it has the less summer-ish setting of all the girl’s summer song that were released so far. That said, I like the chorus and the funky wobbly leg dance. But it’s also kinda lacking in a way. That said, it’s much more entertaining than Party, so that’s a plus.

And then Crush decided to slay everything with his new mini album (or maybe it’s a EP, not sure). Oasis is perfect for the summer while still being completely and totally Crush. I love his voice and his music sense, so I knew I would probably be pleased with it. I could do without Zico though, but Zion.T came by to sing a little part of the chorus, so I decided to just forgive that kinda unpleasant break at the end of the song. And then Crush just killed me with You And I. Bedroom music much? And just pure perfection to my ears. Smooth yet rhythmic. Seriously, I’m in heaven.