8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang
2. AOA – Heart Attack
3. The Solutions – Love You Dear
4. Jung Se Jin – It’s Going To Be Cold
5. Primary – Mannequin (feat. Beenzino, Suran)
6. Eun Ji Won – Trauma (feat. Jeremy)
7. Verbal Jint, Sanchez (Phantom) – Doin’ It (feat. Bumkey)
8. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Dope
9. Teen Top – ah-ah
10. Sistar – Shake It
11. Mamamoo – Um Oh Ah Yeh
12. Risso – OMG
13. Bumkey – My Everything
14. Pippi Band – Over & Over (feat. Zion.T)

So you might have noticed that If You and Sober are not there. The thing is that they officially came out on the 1st of July. And it was easier to do 8tracks playlist that way since I cannot put 3 song from the same album in a playlist…

I had a little trouble with this one (like always, obviously) since BTS is so “in your face” but I didn’t want to put it next to Bang Bang Bang because I would then have trouble with the whole start of the thing and I thought it was kinda too much to begin with too. There’s a few indie and less mainstream throughout the playlist that I couldn’t get in position I would have wanted them to be, but you also have to make sacrifices now and then for the unity of the thing.

So Love You Dear was a song that I noticed at first, but wasn’t sure about for a while because it’s really different from what The Solutions’ main title from their previous thing. But the thing is you’ll have the chorus stuck in your head for days and then you just need to listen to it. And after a while, you’re totally into it when it comes up, like you cannot control yourself and stuff.

It’s Going To Be Cold is a lot alike Mannequin, with that groovy jazzy bossa nova-ish feel to it that I totally enjoy.

Over & Over is definitely not for everyone. Pippi Band is also like that, it’s really indie from McIndie. But I really enjoy it. It’s sort of relaxing, it has my bae Zion.T and there this kind of space travel thing going on or something. And it’s totally different from everything else.