Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
01. Sistar – Shake It
21. Sistar – Stop Being Such A Baby (feat. Giriboy)
30. Verbal Jint, Sanchez (Phantom) – Doin’ It (feat. Bumkey)
35. Kim Yeon Woo – Love… That Guy
42. Dok2 – 111%
46. Teen Top – ah-ah
65. 4MEN – Blanket Kick
70. Dok2 – Me (feat. Beenzino, The Quiett)
76. Ken (VIXX), Hani (EXID) – Gap
83. Sistar – Bad Boy (feat. Mad Clown)
98. Tymee – Love Is (feat. Subin of Dal★Shabet)
100. Sistar – Good Time

Song Chart
83. PEEJAY – I Get Lifted X Beenzino
85. 4MEN – Studying Abroad
86. JuB, Ji Dam Yuk – My Sympathy
87. Dok2 – Still On My Way (feat. Zion.T)
94. Sistar – Go Up
95. Yook Sung Jae – The Day Long Ago
100. Kye Bum Zu – Good Life (feat. Dok2 & The Quiett)

I had trouble with Shake It at first, wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I think maybe because the MV is highly distracting and there’s a little too much happening in it or something. But I knew there was something there. So I kept listening to it a little now and then, and I have to say the chorus grew on me a lot. I think the only thing I have against it is that the chorus doesn’t explode as much as I would like it to do. That said, I like the ridiculous dance of the “inflated promotion doll” or whatever you call it. But I can say without a doubt Sistar did give us better summer song in the past than this one.

Doin’ It is just a relaxing hip-hop track, with a hint (or not just a hint) of something sexy. It’s not the best track of its genre, but I enjoy it for what it is.

ah-ah is really fun and has exactly the thing that was lacking from a lot of other previous track this month. There’s something there that is fun and that will take you by the arm and make you have fun with it too. At the same time, there’s a really harmonious or melodic quality to it that I quite like. And it seems like it’s kinda making fun of itself at the same time. Now and then, there’s even some kind of explosive start to the chorus, which is exactly what you need to do!