So I went there and it was awesome. I won’t do a whole recap of things because, to me, it’s kinda boring. But one thing though : I went to the meet and greet and met Tablo, Mithra and Tukutz :) And at the end, just before the start of the concert, Tablo was on facetime with Haru and show her all the people who were there :)
I also went there for more than just that day and got to enjoy Toronto a little bit (mainly the food, because Korean food is much better there than where I live).


So yeah, it was fun and I would do it again, but since I’m growing older, I wouldn’t do the 6:30 am line for a show that started at ~7:30, 8:00pm. At some point I wasn’t sure if I could stand straight, I don’t have the best health and energy ever so I tend to faint easily if I’m tired+hungry. But I’m happy I’ve done it at least once, and that I got to met Epik High because, honestly, they are my favorite alongside Zion.T.

Credit to – I’m on the bottom right side, just below Tukutz

I also got a snapback and got it signed :) The only thing is that they signed with gray sharpie so you really need to look carefully to see the signatures, but at the same time, it’s cool because that means I don’t walk around with what looks like a dirty cap either.