Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
01. BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang
02. BIGBANG – We Like 2 Party
06. EXO – Love Me Right
08. 4MEN – You’re My Home
18. EXO – Tender Love
36. Primary – Mannequin (feat. Beenzino, Suran)
40. EXO – Promise (EXO 2014)
49. EXO – First Love
60. Kim NamJoo (Apink), Yook SungJae (BTOB) – Photograph
77. Ben – I’ve Decided To Be Introduced
83. Jonghyun, Taemin (SHINee) – Your Name OST
91. Navi – Crazy About Music
94. Lyn – Only One Day OST
96. Na Yoon Kwon – 364Days Of Dream

Song Chart
81. Jane Jang – My Satellite
85. EXO – Love Me Right (漫遊宇宙)
87. Primary – She (feat. Jung In, Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Haeng Ju, Jigu In)
91. Kim Yeon Ji – How Come
93. Eun Ji Won – What U Are (feat. Gilme)

Bang Bang Bang is glorious. I would have like a more smooth transition between the general feeling of the song and the beat of the chorus, but I like it nonetheless.

That said, We Like 2 Party is really not up to the part. At first you’re like oh okay, it could be interesting. And then this highschoolish chorus comes up and you’re like “seriously though?”. The MV kinda sucks too. Sure, Taeyang still sings like an angel, but it’s not enough to rescue this really generic and boring song. Honestly, it’s like a well polished nugu band song. Really disappointing. The only other kinda good thing is that it seems like they are in Australia and went to shoot part of the MV in the place Running Man stayed at because the pool seems to be the exact same. But if you don’t care about that, there’s really nothing there for you.

Love Me Right is a little too SM for me. I don’t know. It’s fun and all, but there’s nothing to grab onto. I like stuff that have more personality than this. You could have given this to Super Junior and I would have seen no difference. Some issue I got with most SM boysband in fact. And the never-ending thing with hiding the good stuff in the album is really growing old (kinda liked Promise)

Primary is back and I’m really ready. Mannequin is really fun, jazzy and just so easy to listen too. I’m happy that Suran is featured in this since her last song was not that great, but I really love her and her voice is different. Perfect song to just shake your ass too or just bobbing your head too. She is not as nice, but still a good “bobbing” material.