So basically, I’m watching Ex-Girlfriend Club with Song Ji Hyo. And there’s this song that comes by now and then, and I was totally hooked. It’s an astonishing song and I sought it and finally found it!

So since you might not have the drama context for Dreamlike, the only recommendation I have is to let it reach its climax, meaning let it get to the chorus (it takes a little time, it’s indie after all). Because the chorus is a chorus of a thousand sunrises. This chorus is both full of life and terribly heart wrenching. So it’s both a song to plug-in when you feel like crying all the tears in your body or to wake up in a big boom, with a slow ascension to full energy explosion.

This was released in November 2010 within the 3rd and last album (at the moment, no idea if they are disbanded) called “Faint”.