8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. Jay Park – Mommae (feat. Ugly Duck)
2. Kisum, LilCham, Jace, Bora (Sistar), Adoonga – Feedback
3. Yankie – Sold Out (feat. Tablo, Zion.T, Loco)
4. BESTie – Excuse Me
5. Urban Zakapa – Get (feat. Beenzino)
6. Zion.T – Eat
7. Standing Egg – Crazy
8. Jay Park – Sex Trip
9. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – I Need U
10. KARA – Cupid
11. Jun Hyo Seong – Into You
12. BoA – Who Are You (feat. Gaeko)
13. We Are The Night – Tiramisu Cake
14. needle&gem – A Thing That Used To Be Home
15. needle&gem – Dawn

If I had no consideration about smooth transition when I built this one, I would have put Yankie or Zion.T first, because, come on, they slay. Sold Out is probably one of my favorite hip-hop track on the whole year so far. Nothing less.

Feedback is fun too, and with mainly female rapper so yeah them. I’m actually quite surprised about Excuse Me since I usually don’t like BESTie all that much. But god this chorus is catchy AF.

Last three song are a little more on the indie side than the rest of the playlist. Tiramisu Cake is fun and simplistic, and it just stays stuck in your head forever. needle&gem is a Korean indie duo based in Montreal. I missed their show somehow when they were showcased at some little music spot :( But they remind me of Damien Rice, in its good phase. Aso their MVs are lovely even though it’s not high concept or anything. The one for A Thing That Used To Be Home is actually filmed in Montreal’s Old Port :)