Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
39. Kim Bum Soo – Love Starts With A Confession OST
41. Younha – Pray OST
47. KARA – Cupid
55. Park Ji Min (15&) – I Want to Keep Seeing You OST
77. Baek Ji Young – And…And OST
86. J-Lee, Ha Dong Qn – Beautiful Day
88. Eddy Kim, Solar (Mamamoo) – Coffee & Tea
91. Urban Zakapa – Two One Two
95. Lee Seung Chul – Time Goes Fast Like An Arrow

Song Chart
79. Hyukoh – Comes and Goes
85. Acoustic Collabo – Ddoreureu
89. Standing Egg – Crazy
96. Eric Nam – Dream (feat. Park Ji Min of 15&)
100. truelove – Every Sunday (feat. Noblesse, Honey Lips)

Ok, Cupid isn’t the best KARA song ever. I know. It’s no Mamma Mia. But still, I like it enough and, as I know KARA, it’s going to grow on me if I let it sit in my random playlist. It has this catchy quality that you cannot really describe, this feeling that if you stick around a little, you might end up with a song that reveals itself way better than what you thought it was after listening to it 2 or 3 times.

I’m still not sure about Comes and Goes. It’s definitely interesting, and I’m going to keep looking for Hyukoh. I think the sound of his voice is really unique too. But I’m not sure I’m feeling this song. I think there’s something I’m not 100% behind with the chorus. I like the rest of the song I think, but the chorus makes me lose focus or something.

I’m totally impressed by Crazy from Standing Egg. The song starts like it’s nothing special, but once the bridge comes up, I was like “oh, there’s something there”, and when the chorus started I was definitely hooked. The MV is really touching too. I highly recommend it.