Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
02. Zion.T – Eat
26. Huh Gak, Jung In – Town Bar
31. Baek A Yeon – Shouldn’t Have… (feat. Young K)
39. SHINee – Love Sick
60. Jay Park – Mommae (feat. Ugly Duck)
77. Hong Dae Kwang – Good Luck
84. SHINee – Odd Eye
88. Hyorin – Come a Little Closer OST
89. SHINee – Romance
94. Yang Da Il, Kang Min Hee – Game (feat. San E)
95. SHINee – An Ode To You
96. SHINee – An Encore
99. SHINee – Farewell My Love

Song Chart
82. Lee Hyun, Park Boram – Pretty Bae
85. SHINee – Trigger
89. Urban Zakapa – Get (feat. Beenzino)
90. SHINee – Black Hole
97. SHINee – Woof Woof
98. SHINee – Alive

Do I really have to explain myself for Eat? I mean the song is just out of this world. Zion.T never disappoint me when he comes up with a new song on his own, but this is close to the effect Miss Kim had on me back then. I still prefer the MV of the latter, but this one is still really awesome too with the metaphor that is revealed at the end and all the picture composition. Zion.T is poetry, nothing less.

Now about Mommae… I cannot get enough of the song. Seriously. But the MV makes me cringe so damn much. I love Jay Park, I do. But he can be sooooooo sexist, both in his lyrics and in his MVs. I have trouble to deal with my love for the song and my hate for some of the lyrics and the MV. That said, it’s still a really good song, so yeah, I think my feeling for the music is stronger than my principles on this one.

Oh whole lot of SHINee in there. One thing I have trouble with lately (or always) is how the main title of some album is not the strongest song of the bunch. Like honestly, I would much rather have a MV for Farewell My Love, Trigger, Black Hole, Woof Woof or Alive. Literally, my favorites track of the album are all the lowest ranked in the chart… These songs sound more like the SHINee I like. Also, some of these sound different from what has been done in Kpop lately. You should try to listen to these if you feel not that good about the main title and the other few songs that have been promoted on music shows.

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited by anything done by Urban Zakapa. But boy oh boy, Get is just a really fun start of the spring kind of song. It’s more upbeat than what they usually do, and I think Beenzino fits well with the overall feel of the song too, though it’s not overly hip-hop-ish.