Instiz Chart of this week
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Total Chart
14. Kim Sung Kyu – The Answer
22. Yoon Mi Rae – I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say OST
26. Girl’s Day – Hello Bubble
35. Kim Sung Kyu – Kontrol
37. BoA – Kiss My Lips
58. Urban Zakapa – A Different You OST
75. Luna – Don’t Cry For Me
87. IU – Heart
89. Tiger JK – Reset (feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child) OST
90. Kim Sung Kyu – Alive
92. Song Yoo Bin, Kim Na Young – Ordinary Farewell OST
93. Kim Sung Kyu – Daydream (feat. Boderline : Tablo & JW)
98. Kim Sung Kyu – Reply (feat. Park Yoonha)
100. K.Will – Thank You OST

Song Chart
82. David Oh – I know I know (feat. Yoon Bo Mi of Apink)
90. Jung Yup – My Valentine
94. Postmen – Buzzing
96. Take – Tonight
97. SHINee – View

Wow, how to say this. There’s basically nothing that really impressed me in here. In fact, most of the thing I could have been excited for I was disappointed about. I would say maybe Reset is kinda interesting, because of Jinsil most of all. And then from all the Kim Sung Kyu stuff on the chart this week, I feel like Alive is the best, but still not really my style.

Girl’s Day is not up to the quality I was used to with them. BoA songs is lacking in some way, I don’t feel like listening to it more than what I already did.